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  1. blindcheeseit

    No contact info for old jobs??

    Just put one you worked with the most even if they don't work there. It doesn't have to be that technical, they just want someone who knows you and how you work to confirm that you are as awesome as you are!
  2. You need more replies! This sucks! But it is actually unfortunately really common.. I'm sorry that happened but don't let that stop you!!! You can be a nurse there is something better there for you. Keep trying at hospitals and even at that home health thing, it is all experience. I don't think it is bad to leave it off your resume, you were just in orientation if it comes up somehow you didn't lie just say you were in orientation so you didn't put it. Lots of people get fired, your resume is not an all exclusive job history it is your selling point, so is your every contact and interview. You getting fired, in a way, was not your fault. You are new, you are learning and they didn't give you a reason because they probably didn't have one. It could of been anything. Not to say you shouldn't reflect, you should think about what you learned there and how you can improve. But like I said, I dont know you or the story so I am guessing, you didn't do anything wrong nursing is hard. I wish we graduated and were ready to start work! Until then keep applying and trying to meet hiring managers. If that doesn't work out after a little while try snf, you will build your skills, time management, how to deal with limited resources, how to delegate and communicate with patients, coworkers, doctors, families. It's hard but it is a start after 6 months to a year you can build confidence and keep trying to get into a hospital! You can do it! Take your time, it is not a race you will get to where you need to be. Surround yourself with positive words/things etc. It's kinda cheesey but I like to listen to "The Secret" and Joel Olsteen (on YouTube), I'm not religious but he is so uplifting!
  3. blindcheeseit

    Not happy with bedside

    I think you should start looking now for something you do want. It never hurts to look. And if you do find something you like, take it and then want to go back to skilled nursing/rehab you can. I had no problem getting a snf job as a new grad. I'm sure they would take a seasoned RN even if you haven't worked in that setting for a while.
  4. blindcheeseit

    Agency Ignores My Requests-Should I Reveal My Illness?

    My registry does that too. I just tell them the days I can't go. Like they said Sunday night I have to do Monday AM and I said no. They said sorry we need you and I just said sorry I can't. This is a registry for a reason I was told when I signed up I could do as many or AS LITTLE days as I want.
  5. blindcheeseit

    Does registry count as experience? (With poll)

    Thank you!!! Yes it is hard to do registry as a new grad. It is all snfs. I go there and the nurse going off duty give me report, " 34A crush pill, 34B whole pill, 35A crush pill, 35B crush pill, 36A whole pill....etc" Then they give me the med cart keys and that's it I am off to give medications to a bunch or strangers.
  6. That's basically my question. I am a new grad and I have been doing registry work at different snfs. I was wondering when if comes to my resume can I use the registry as experience? Or does it just show I like to hop from job to job and that I don't commit? Basically I couldn't get into a hospital without experience but I am still trying for hospitals so I don't want to commit to a job and then quit if I get hired at a hospital so I have been working on call. Thank you in advance for your advice.
  7. blindcheeseit

    New Grad subacute help and advice please

    Thank you! I think my sub acute is just like a skilled nursing home. The DON did say I have a supervisor they review labs and call the doctor. Then there is a treatment nurse. So maybe I just do meds, for 30 patients...
  8. blindcheeseit

    New Grad subacute help and advice please

    Thank you so much for the advice and encouragement! I really appreciate it! It's true in school I only got acute care so I'm thinking of it that way. I don't know any nurses personally and I'm the first one in my class to take an rn job so I have no one whos been there in my life to ask. And it's scary not knowing what to expect si thank you!
  9. Location definitely matters because of cost of living. Here in the Bay Area the offers I have gotten the first one $32 second $33 and third $34. Funny how they increased.
  10. Hi, I have been on allnurses a long time. Normally I can find answers to what I am looking for without typing a post, I think this might be my first post. I just accepted my first nursing job and I am very excited but when I got home and thought about it I started getting nervous. In my preceptorship I took care of 4 patients and now I am going to have 30 residents that are fresh from the hospital and more acute then the rest of the residents at this facility. I am only getting 5 days before I am on my own. I am wondering how do you guys do it? 30 patients? I was told there is a treatment nurse so I think I do meds and charting and I'm not sure would I do head to toe assessments? On 30 patients. Thank you, and I would really appreciate any advice at all on this and working at a skilled nursing home in general. Like a typical day, and how to delegate to CNA's.

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