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mursejohn has 14 years experience and specializes in Orthopedics and Telemetry.

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  1. mursejohn

    Taking NCLEX-rn exam this Thursday...

    I just realized after passing my NCLEX almost two years ago this month, I didn't care to give an update. Well, many things have changed. I went back to school for my BSN last year of August; I got hired as a full time Ortho nurse in one of the best hospitals in Central Valley. October of this year, I graduated with my BSN with honors. Presently, I am working two jobs, but I am planning to continue on with my masters sometime next year. I am glad to be back on Allnurses
  2. mursejohn

    November and December NCLEX-RN test takers

    Hi, I will be taking mine in 5 weeks...good luck to all of us!!!
  3. mursejohn

    Taking nclex tomorrow 10/11

  4. mursejohn

    Taking nclex tomorrow 10/11

    I will pray for you...Good luck! will be taking mine next month
  5. mursejohn

    Taking NCLEX soon! yikes..

    Goodluck Crios...I will be taking mine next month
  6. mursejohn

    Taking NCLEX soon! yikes..

  7. mursejohn

    Took nlclex this morning

    Congrats!!!:) I will be taking mine next month...
  8. It would be nice to hear from anyone...
  9. I iust thought it would be nice to start a new thread so that we all can keep in touch, pass along infos, and post our stats. July 15 is the deadline!
  10. This will be my first time applying at FCC and hoping will be the last:)
  11. mursejohn

    LVN-RN in Sacramento

    Hi mandajane4, So, did you end up going to Carrington College? If so, how is it so far? I'd like to hear from you. I'm suppose to start in Feb but I think I'm going to give it another wait for the Lvn-Rn bridge program at MJC or Delta
  12. mursejohn

    Anyone going to Modesto Junior College?

    Hi emy912, I see that did you graduate from the Lvn-Rn upgrade program at MJC. I'm going to be applying in May 2011 hoping to get in. I think I'm gonna need your input since you already went through their program. If you can email at nrs209atyahoo.com I would really appreciate it. Looking foward to hear from you. thnx
  13. mursejohn

    Anyone applying to MJC or San Joaquin Delta College?

    hi kpatterson4 actually no, i will be taking my last class which is nursing synthesis, for it's required to apply into the lvn-rn bridge program. i'm hoping to apply next year. :)
  14. mursejohn

    Anyone applying to MJC or San Joaquin Delta College?

    Hello all! As far as the co-requisites for Delta's Nursing program, you need: -Humanities -Psychology -Sociology 1B -Speech -History I may be missing one more thing:confused:...hope this helps

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