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  1. Other than State Universities the average price for a BSN degree at a private university runs around 50-70K. NYU, FDU, Columbia, Felician, Pace, and many other schools in the northeast ABSN/BSN programs average approx 55K and they are very competitive to get in...many are turned away. I look forward to being a BSN RN and I have no doubt it will be worth EVERY DIME!
  2. Thanks HouTx your input is well received. However, I have done much research & the job prospect for nurses in the e Northeast particularly NY/NJ is much greater than that of other regions & other states. I do agree the job market is not great, as is the case with practically every profession, nevertheless some areas are better than others. As far as the "Idea" vs the "reality" of nursing, hmmm, I'm not sure from my perspective that there's such thing. No offense intended, but I don't think there's much glamour to nursing. The "idea" of cleaning bodily fluids and working weekends & long days is not what prompted my career change but rather the urge of helping others on a more personal level and also what I believe I should be doing.
  3. Thanks for the advise :). However, don't get me wrong, its not about earning lots of money, if that was the case I would stick to commercial real estate lending. However, I work extremely hard & have always been one of the best at what I do so I have no doubt the same will be carried over into my nursing career. My main concern is my hefty student loans . Also, I live in the NYC/NJ area so I'm optimistic about the job prospectives.
  4. I've always wanted to be in the health care/medical field but never really find the time to make the transition until recently after being laid off from a somewhat successful lucrative career. I'm 37 yrs old and recently decided to make the transition from corporate America to currently pursuing a 12month ABSN. Health care is where my heart is, but because of my age I don't feel like I have much time to dedicate to school so I decided the ABSN program was my best choice. However, my school is very expensive, over 50k in loans for the ABSN & when combined with my previous student loans of 25K I will be about 70k in debt. I also plan on going on to a masters in nursing but hope to find an employer willing to pay for it so I have no doubt I can make the money to pay off my loans in a short time. I know this is ultimately my decision but, due to my age and the cost of attendance I've been questioning whether or not I've made the right decision. Also, I've turned down several job offers of over 80k in my past career to pursue nursing. I am very excited about nursing and know I will do extremely well but, now that my first semester tuition of 20k is paid and I'm all set to start classes all these thoughts are going through my head...yikes! There's no turning back for me b/c this is what I truly feel I should be doing but just can't control these thoughts. Is this normal & are there others out there going through this same dilemma?

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