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  1. shuubie

    how do new nurses survive in the OR?

    Thanks for everyone's advice! It's so helpful. I'm eventually going to be in orthopedics. Does anyone have any advice regarding ortho surgeries? I've been reading about total hips/knees, fractures so far and find it confusing.
  2. I started working in the OR for about a month now and feel that some things are starting to make sense. Sometimes I'm still confused as to what supplies or trays to get (even after looking at the preference card). I do ask a lot of questions and am dependent on my preceptor. I'm trying to read as much as I can about the surgeries. Any suggestions ?
  3. shuubie

    Compression stockings for OR nursing

    i personally like knee high. I dont like how the thigh high socks roll down my thighs during the day and i have to adjust it
  4. Hello Everyone. I have been working as a peri-op nurse at an ASC and would like to brush up my coverletter. Anyone who is willing to help and would like to PM me is greatly appreciated. Hoping to hear from you all! Thanks :)
  5. Hi Everyone! So an update to the job.. It has been a week already and I've learned a lot in terms of paperwork, medications, inserting IVs ...etc. I'm a bit worried to be thrown in the OR after 1-2 weeks training (which my boss was implying). I'm a new grad and know nothing about ASC and I'm a bit worried about such short informal training. Other than that, I'm glad I found a job!
  6. shuubie

    What do you pack for breakfast & lunch?

    all are great suggestions! Thanks!!
  7. shuubie

    What do you pack for breakfast & lunch?

    Thanks everyone! I'm going to try to switch things up a little... I'm starting to get bored of my yogurt, apple, & sandwiches. Sometimes I would bring my leftovers from dinner but ehhhh I don't like eating the same thing again the next day haha
  8. Hello Everyone! So I've been working at a private ASC. It's very fast-paced. My hours are 6-2 daily. Lunch is 30 mins. Since it has been so busy lately, I've only had 15 mins to spend for lunch. I'm in my OR scrubs so if I had to walk out, I'd have to change out of my clothes. The question is... what do you busy ppl pack for breakfast & lunch?? Sometimes I eat a lil bit of my sandwich, yogurt...etc for breakfast and then finish the rest for lunch. But I want to eat healthier. Any suggestions for quick recipes? :) I'm sick of sandwiches!
  9. shuubie

    please help with my situation

    Thanks everyone! These are all great advices. I didn't think about motels/hotels...etc I'll look into it!
  10. shuubie

    please help with my situation

    and they require me to move within a week .... this puts a lot of pressure on me right now because I'm trying to find a place to rent
  11. shuubie

    Rochester General Hospital Phone Interview

    hi danielle, how did the interview go? i'm interested in rochester general also. would you mind sharing what kind of questions they asked at the interview?
  12. shuubie

    please help with my situation

    I need some advice. Everyone knows that it's very hard for new grads to get a job right now. It has almost been a year since I received my license and still no job. Went on a few interviews but no offer. Now I've considered relocating. So I applied to a hospital that was 2.5 hrs drive from me, went on an interview, and received an offer. The interview was very informal.. I suppose they needed people. This hospital is pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Nothing to do nearby and if I had to go to supermarket.. it'll be a 30-40 min drive. Personally I didn't like the drive because it was scary on the windy road, on a mountain, with no lights, and several deers/raccoons dead on the ground. The pay is around 23/hr and compared to where I live right now, it is not a lot. If I relocate, I'll have to find a place to pay rent, buy a car because I'm currently driving my sister's car (which she needs for work), and start paying paying back my loans. I'm not sure if this is worth it .... but I don't want to miss a job opportunity b/c I don't want to end up not getting any experience for another year. What do you think??
  13. shuubie

    I can't take it anymore!

    oh gosh, please don't quit without notice. I've seen it happen before where a nurse on the unit just quit on the spot because he/she was fed up with the manager (and yes, everyone hated the manager).... but yea, it was an ugly site.
  14. shuubie

    RN Interview

    telling them that you're desperate really works? I'm going to try that someday hehe
  15. shuubie

    How is NICU at NSLIJ health system?

    you know, it's kind of hard to get these info nowadays ... I don't think a lot of NICU/NSLIJ nurses come on this forum. Perhaps if you have time, maybe volunteer at the unit and see how it is ? :dncgbby:
  16. shuubie

    can you help me with an interview question?

    Agree. Anyway, could it be "what are your strengths & weakneses" ? I once had an interview where the interviewer asked a whole bunch of situational questions and then out of nowhere, she asked "So if you were any color on the rainbow, what would you be?" I was thinking uhhh WHO on earth asks that? I'll PM you

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