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Everything except ER, surgery, peds, ICU
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lovemydeano has 23 years experience and specializes in Everything except ER, surgery, peds, ICU.

I'm a wife and mother of 4.

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  1. lovemydeano

    Tube delivered meds

    I worked on an Alzheimers/dementia unit in the past, and sometimes you do only get one shot, some you better get it all on one spoonful and hope they get some of the benefit!! For those patients who get a ton of meds, sometimes you have to be selective to get the priority meds in, I'm not going to lose sleep over a vitamin c, but the lasix, dig, k, etc., well, we know the routine:)
  2. lovemydeano

    Share Your Funniest Patient Stories...

    A few years ago, I was working on a rehab floor and we ended up getting a quite elderly woman, I'll call her "Greta." One day the CNA who was assigned to her came out of her room with a look of horror on her face and said, "Mary, there's something wrong with Greta, there's a weird thing bulging between her legs, it looks like a......" I told her I would take a look at it, but knowing her history, I knew it was her prolapsed uterus. Being the jokester I am, I decided to take it to the max with the CNA. After looking at Greta, with the CNA in the room, I said "Oh, that's her uterus." The CNA was shocked and asked why it was on the outside of the body. I said, "Well, whenever you have a baby, eventually your uterus falls out. Everytime you cough, sneeze, pas gas, laugh, it will fall out." She asked me does this happen to all women (oh, how gullible!) Yes, I said, usually by about 40 or so, and if you can't afford the surgery to put it back in place, you have to wear special underwear to keep it in place. She said that must be very inconvenient. I said, think about what it's like to have sex!! I eventually told her I was joking, I really had her believing me for a few minutes.
  3. lovemydeano

    Tube delivered meds

    :clpty::clpty:Well, I was taught to do them one at a time, flush after each med, but really, they are all going to the same place! Some people say they may react if all are administered at the same time. Many patients take a handful of meds all at once!!! I have had patients with peg tubes that receive 10+ meds. That's a lot of water between meds, not to mention the feedings and the flushes!!! To each his own, I do it all together, though.
  4. lovemydeano

    Alcohol use with insulin injections and BG sticks

    :redbeathe Personally, if the patients hand is washed, that should be good enough. If they don't want to wash their hand, I would then use an alcohol pad. :redbeathe

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