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Shannon B has 4 years experience and specializes in Diabetes.

single mom of a juvenile diabetic child

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    85 Questions- R U kidding me?

    85 and it cut off. What the.....? There was stuff I had never seen and had to end up narrowing it down and guessing. Several SATA, prioritizing and delegating. Meds were some that I had never heard of and they didn't give me the class or what they were being given for. I had to look at suffixes to try to figure out what kind of drug it was. I am freaking out!!!!!! I was an honor graduate and did very well on my Hesii tests. I have no idea if I passed or failed. I feel sick! I went into the test confident and sure of myself. I left defeated and confused. Some of my classmates have taken it and one I know also got 85 questions, but I don't know if they passed or failed yet. Some say 85 is a good number...I just don't know. I did take that course that would give you your money back if you failed...let's hope I don't have to call them. Good luck to you all. I don't have any advice right now for those who haven't taken it. Let me marinate on this a while and I'll get back to ya .

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