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    The Patient I Failed

    This is beautifully written and well thought out, however, and I hate to be buzz kill here but there are a few discrepancies in this piece. I worked for 30 yrs in ICU/CCU and never saw anyone who was not "eligible" for DNR status. Secondly, I rarely saw a physician who would not follow a patient's living will, esp one that was so specific. Most would not code a little lady like this anyway. But, I worked with some pretty incredible docs... Also the author mentioned putting a peg tube down the patient's throat. Peg tubes are placed thru the abd wall... These details almost killed it for me, however, I absolutely understand why this was written. I lived this many many times in the old days when docs were afraid to "not" do anything for fear of lawsuits.This was back when patients really didn't have the rights that are given to them now. I have seen family quarrels over what to do with mom or dad and it is really heart breaking. "

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