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  1. Melody2010

    CNA Training

    Thank you. Although I do have some medical background it isn't with LTC. Phlebotomy certification, clinicals in a Dr.'s office, sitting for a home health agency (however the duties were light housekeeping, feeding and simply sitting with the patient) & Red Cross volunteer work which was actually done in a LTC facility. The only actual hands on type of care you mentioned was done with my mother who just passed away in a hospital setting over several weeks time. Me and my sis-in-law actually assisted the CNAs in her transferring, bathing, bedding changes to help with their workload, which although minimal it was hands on experience with the proper use of methods. I just didn't want to take short cuts in training only to have to repeat the full class. Thanks again, Melody
  2. Melody2010

    CNA Training

    Has anyone been through CNA Training Now (located in Matthews NC)? It's a one day CNA class to prepare you for the exam. Would be interested in your feedback if you have been through the program. Thanks in advance, Melody

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