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james2309 has 31 years experience.

Born in the UK, grew up and did all my nursing training in NZ now living in Melbourne, Australia - an eclectic mix.

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  1. As someone who does both, I totally concur with your comments - AND I realise that there are times and situations where I will write as I text! I don't think that's necessarily the reasons for the non responses, so many people will write this way these days - BUT I do think it's important that we try to keep our language alive and well. Thanks for posting yr comments! Kp it up! James
  2. james2309

    Trying to choose Nursing or Counseling

    Hi figuringitout09 Just my two-halfpenny worth - I have been a nurse for many years in Mental Health. I trained back in the 80's and went straight into psychiatry and have been happily MH nursing for the last 31 years. My rationale for your decision is this - if you get to be a nurse (and yes, you may have to do some bedside nursing - to get there) you can always get into counselling roles and do training and that will benefit you as a nurse. (And who knows, nursing opens so MANY, MANY doors - you may even find something along the way that appeals more...?) However, on the other hand, if you go into counselling you can't be a nurse. And you won't have the same opportunities that you might get as a nurse. I'm more passionate about nursing now than I was 31 years ago when I started. It may mean a sacrifice or two in the interim - but in the long run I say go for the nursing qual. Good luck. James :-)
  3. james2309

    The Problem with Nursing

    Hi Sarjasi There's much that I could take exception to in your post, but others have already done that and the bottom line is that your experience is what it is. We can't (and shouldn't) argue with you, simply because of course, it's real to you. I'm a nurse of many years experience and yes, like you, I've worked in other fields. But I always come back to nursing. Because there are more people in nursing that I love being around and spending time with. Professional, intelligent, intellectually stimulating AND curious people who make my working day fun. When you can still say you look forward to going to work, even after 31 years doing it, that's a great thing. But the one thing I do want to take vehement exception to, is your statement that people in general don't respect nurses. In both NZ and Australia there are groups of poll and survey takers. Annually they ask the question of the general public, "Which profession do you think is the most respected?" And guess who comes out top, year after year? Yep! Nurses. We are held in extremely high regard by 'lay' people all around the world. Maybe it's because they don't see the teddy-bear badges or the floral prints - I don't know. Or maybe it's because the world knows that nursing is a profession of dedicated, committed, highly professional and knowledgeable, not to mention holistic and caring (these words have been around so long to many they may have lost their meaning - but I still see them in my every experience) human beings. Maybe there's need for change where you come from and are working (studying) as a nurse? But where I come from and from where I sit, the profession is one of, if not THE best. Pay is crap - but very few people come to nursing to get rich. Hope things improve for you. And I hope you find the inner peace you're gonna need to make all those other irksome issues become unimportant to you - as you make a difference in so many people's lives as a nurse. Good luck James

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