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  1. THE FACTS: I relocated to another state in order to get my first RN job. I have 17 months of total RN experience. I started in the Emergency Dept and worked there 10 months before I decided it wasn't for me. 7 months ago I transferred to the ICU and I haven't looked back. I presently have the opportunity to change from full-time to PRN in the ICU. THE QUESTION: Will I be a less attractive candidate to hiring managers at other hospitals if I change from full time to PRN with my current level of experience? WHY GO PRN RIGHT NOW: I am very motivated to return to my home state. Going PRN will allow me to continue to work and gain experience in the ICU while also allowing me to travel back to my home state more often to visit with friends and family and to interview for jobs. If I go PRN I would work an average of 2+ shifts per week until I found employment back in my home state. DILEMMA #1: I have had colleagues say, "Going PRN now will be a mistake because hospitals that are hiring will want "newish" nurses to have 2 years full-time experience before they go PRN." Is this true? Do I need 24 months in the ICU as full-time? If it is true then I have a problem because there is no way I will be staying here another 17 months. ​DILEMMA #2: I have had colleagues say, "Now that you work in the ICU you are stuck because no one will hire you for step down or telemetry jobs. You don't know how to care for more than 2 patients at a time... Is this true? I thought nursing was a flexible profession? At this point I would 100% be happier if I were back home working on a step-down/intermediate, or telemetry VS staying in my current location much longer. I just want to go home! ​​IN SUMMARY: I need an exit strategy ASAP. Please help!!!!

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