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  1. Has anyone applied to the New Graduate Nurse Residency at Valley for May, 2013 class?
  2. Bloomfield College Nursing

    Hello everyone, I recently got accepted to Bloomfield College pre-nursing program. I plan to take my outstanding pre-reqs (2 to be exact) during the summer I session and then sit for the NLN in June/July. Has anyone been through this process? If so I...
  3. NYP New grad position

    I believe so, yea. Because the new grads that went to that event got hired. But I am not sure how NYP does it. I am worried because I need to apply for my NY license after I receive my NJ licencse. Hope they realized that lol
  4. NYP New grad position

    Georgetown University Hospital had a similar format...they called it a new grad day where all the new grads came and were interviewed and hired onto various units.
  5. NYP New grad position

    Great! Goodluck to you too and everyone else
  6. NYP New grad position

    That's a good question. We sure will have lots of paperwork
  7. NYP New grad position

    Why don't you contact them about it...what if they are only expecting those who got invited or catered for those who are coming to Columbia? Just saying...It would be better to have them know upfront.
  8. NYP New Grad "Invite Only" Career Event

    I was invited to said event but I am not sure how it will all go down...
  9. NYP New grad position

    Yes, I do
  10. NYP New grad position

    No just wondering if anyone else will be applying for licensure by endorsement in NY
  11. NYP New grad position

    Did you apply for your NY license or will you be transferring...
  12. NYP New grad position

    Did you receive the email with the details. Which campus are will you be going to?
  13. NYP New grad position

    That's great! Seems like you're one step ahead of the game. Will you be licensed in NY or will you be transferring your license. On the app it asked NYS License with 2 or 6 months. I am coming from NJ so I have a while to wait anyway. I am curious to...
  14. NYP New grad position

    @kiki1984. Yes I was invited to the June 14th event. My preference areas were ICU, ER and Med-Surg. She just said okay and didn't ask me why I chose ICU. I think it's because last summer I interned in one of their ICUs so it was kinda indicated why I...
  15. NYP New grad position

    Yes, I received the call basically asked why I wanted to work there which was easy, preference areas and campus :)
  16. NYP New grad position

    Thanks for the advice. At this point I just want a job. Some of my older loans are kicking in, my parents put of buying a home to get me through school so now it's time for me to venture on my own. It would be nice to work there but I am not putting ...
  17. NYP New grad position

  18. NYP New grad position

    Thanks kiki1984, I didn't have a phone interview yet. I wish! I was referring to the questions on the battery test, sorry for the confusion. I hope you move on to in-person:)
  19. NJ Board of Nursing - What the Heck?

    Question. I accidentally entered the wrong year on my NJ BON application for when I started my program. I entered 2012 instead of 2010. With all the applications for jobs etc. I was filling out, I must have had the wrong thought in my head. Is this a...
  20. NYP New grad position

    Those who passed the battery test and got phone interviews, how did you answer some of the questions. They seemed so tricky to me and difficult.
  21. NYP self assessment

    I took mine today. Will let you know if I hear anything. In the mean time I will try not to go crazy thinking about it because I have pinning and graduation. If i get in, great, if not, oh well...I interned there so hopefully that helps
  22. NYP New grad position

    Hey everyone, I applied as well. I worked there at through the medical school in the ICU and my references are from there. I am really hoping to land a job there. Very advanced, great staff and great learning opportunities...keep me posted!
  23. UVA RN New Graduate Nurse Residency Program 2013

    Thank you...I applied hopefully I get something...I am so nervous about the job market. My grades and experience are okay but still...I've known people who went to great schools had externships and still could not find a job!!! I am happy to be done ...
  24. UVA RN New Graduate Nurse Residency Program 2013

    Hi all, to those who applied, did you graduate already? I called and they gave me the job numbers I can apply for but when I checked the job description it says "currently registered in the state of Virginia" The start dates are however July, august ...
  25. I was happy they included some nursing questions to cushion that crazy analytical assessment. As for more programs in NJ, I am playing the waiting game: Centrastate in Freehold has one but they haven't posted anything yet. My call to them was unsucce...