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    Canadian Military RN info??

    so i have several questions and am hoping to get a good thread going. i am looking into the rotp for the canadian forces, so anybody who has been in the program for nursing would be soo helpful!! also if you are a nurse with the canadian forces you can help me out too! i am wondering if someone could give me a quick rundown of how their rotp experience was, your schedule you had during your summers off, the kinds of courses you took, what your work schedule was like during your school months. i'm also wondering about basic training, and how long that was, and what it was like. i spoke with a recruiting officer but of course forgot half of my questions i wanted to ask haha. also, once you were done school and working on post, did you wear combats or did you wear scrubs? thank you sooo much for any answers i might get!! **also, i am new to this site and if there is a way to search the forums with a keyword, could you please let me know how?? thanks!!**

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