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    Nurse Practitioner or Physician's Assistant?

    That's funny, because when I graduated from The University of Pittsburgh with a BSN and from Yale as an Adult Care Nurse Practitioner, I thought I had the schooling and job specifications down pretty straight... Trust me. The fact that we are licensed by the nursing boards and not the medical boards really means nothing. Yes they can't legislate anything in regards to our capabilities, but it in no way means we are on equal footing with a doctor. Working apart from them doesn't open new worlds of possibilities and make us better than PAs. And looking back on it I wish I could have had a more general education instead of specializing. I think it broadens your scope of practice and better allows you to extend the services of physicians... hey! Isn't that what a mid-level practitioner was created for?
  2. tothct

    Nurse Practitioner or Physician's Assistant?

    A Physician Assistant completes around 3000 hours for didactic and clinical education (1000+2000). A Nurse Practitioner completes about 1000 hours total or a little over (500+700). Also, a PA is trained in the medical model (just like physicians) and as such are general practitioners. NPs are trained in the nursing model (biopsychosocial) and they must specialize, which greatly limits their job opportunities. I have found that PAs are paid more in general. As for a PA and NP practicing in the same specialty, their duties are relatively similar. I do want to comment specifically on how NPs claim they can practice independantly of a physician. This is misleading. It doesn't broaden their scope of practice whatsoever. Sure they can open their own clinic but they are still limited in what they can do. Collaboration vs supervision is a myth. Both PAs and NPs are under physicians.

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