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  1. Hey guys- I haven't received my uniforms yet either- and I went before July 15- and let me tell you, the XS was big on me- and I'm not that small- I'm short but, I'm definitely not that thin- So I barely fit into that, and there was no other option- the woman totally laughed lol. I got most of my books already- A whole lot of a them lol. As for renting them, I don't think I'd recommend it, well, I remember hearing/seeing somewhere that we would need some of them for the future semesters... And I also saw that in the other syllabuses that are posted online already-- I'm not sure what I'll wear- honestly probably jeans and a t-shirt-- if it's really nice out, a sundress since I have 90059890385092890 of them it seems hahahahaa. - Obviously looking presentable, and not wearing pajamas, but I don't really think it's a formal thing-- It's orientation- I really can't see anything wrong with jeans-- I am not wearing shorts or a short skirt lol.... But I don't honestly think they will even remember all of us.... Almost 90 people will be there- I definitely won't remember 90 people- unless you have like bright green hair or something hahaha. I'm so excited to meet everyone though!!!!!
  2. Hey-- UKgirl- sorry I can't help you out- I know nothing about financial aid. However, I did notice that the syllabuses were listed online...
  3. Hiii Thanks for all the tips. I'm totally scared to begin reading all of this. Oh well... Have a good weekend everyone.
  4. I signed up online- maybe you can give them a call?? I got my insurance certificate within 24 or 48 hours..
  5. If you go to bergen's site and click on the nursing packet and open it, they have it updated with orientation date- It was crazy- before they put the date in there, I asked them if they could let me know because I was going away and wanted to be here for it- and their answer was "We are mailing out the date soon." But its finally up there.
  6. YAY! I started a new thread...
  7. Hi, Figured a new thread should be started. We now know orientation is August 19 - 9-130 I think? Just wanted to start a new thread for us beginning, or continuing the nursing program at BCC, for anything we want to talk about I assume? Is anyone ordering textbooks yet? What sections have you registered for? Etc etc etc... I'll tell you about me. So far, I have to still go for my uniform fitting, order textbooks, and I think thats about it. I have gotten my physical, my CPR class is June 23rd, I purchased malpractice insurance, and am really excited to start!!! I have to take Microbiology still and I'm not sure if I should take it in the Fall or if it'll be too much? I've registered for classes, I'm in sections 003 - (the one with Friday off) I'm really looking forward to it. :)
  8. Where has everyone been?? I'm sad lol. I figured once we got in, the posts would be off the wall... I'm ordering my textbooks, but I'm not sure which ones were better on the either/or section- Anyone else make a decision yet?
  9. Thanks for all the help! I've registered for the CPR class, got malpractice insurance- I had to make mine effective within 60 days though so I chose August 1st. I'm ordering the kit today, and the uniforms I'll go for maybe Saturday I suppose. When do you think orientation will be? Any ideas?
  10. UKGIRL - I just wanted to let you know I registered for the June 23rd class in Fairfield. I figured it's better to register for that then after June 30th. . . I'll see you there? I think it was you who also registered for that night?
  11. Hi - I was on vacation everyone! Ughhhh Feels so good to have my letter- I'm looking to register for the nursing program- which section did everyone choose? So far it won't let me register. I sent an email to Elsa; hopefully she can help me out. As far as CPR class, I can't do the June 26th. I might have to e-mail them and do the July 6/7. or maybe I'll just do June 10/11 and get it out of the way. Ahhh... So quickly, so not prepared for everything. It won't let me register for classes still though and Elsa is out of the office through June 24th! I don't know who I should talk to about registering now!!!! I don't want to get stuck not getting into a class. Any ideas guys? Let me know...
  12. I think the people who have already registered are those who failed the first semester last year. - As far as the exact type of CPR course, I'm sure they will tell us as soon as we get the letters. ukgirl- I think I can do the June 23rd one- I'd like to meet someone who is going to be in the program... :)
  13. YAYYYY! Congratulations everyone! Mine says admitted as well! I kept thinking I hope this IS NOT a mistake lol. Any one registered for CPR course we need to do? If not, anyone want to register with me for a course? I'm SO excited that I can CRY lol. and I'm so happy I know today because I'm leaving for vacation in 2 days, and I wasn't going to bring a laptop. CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONEEEEEEE. and I know a girl who was wait listed and she got in for the semester. I'm so excited and look forward to the next 2 years with everyone.
  14. Ah... I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. Good luck to everyone else!!!
  15. Heyyyyyyyyy everyone- Sorry I haven't been around- I have been studying for finals and everything else... It's finalllllllllly mid-may. Just wanted to say hello and how is everyone?
  16. Hey, FishermanIV thanks for all that information- there were so many helpful tips. I actually think I may have ran into you at the library last semester- I can't imagine ANYONE else being this helpful. Don't call me weird lol- I just ran into a guy there who gave me so much info on the nursing program... I'm really eager for this month to pass and to finally know... I really want to get in but, I'm really uncertain & scared. And I look forward to all those levels and doing different things- I'm not excited about bathing people and such but, you learn and start at the bottom for most things...

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