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  1. Hi! Please forgive me if this sounds mean, but I know at least 20 people who have the same plan as you. At one time that was also my plan!! Then, I got into nursing school where I quickly got a reality check. Plus, at least half of my class plan on getting their CRNA!!! The reality is that it isn't that easy. New grad jobs are hard to come by nowadays for anything and everybody wants in the ICU. It is very difficult to get into the ICU as a new grad. Heck, it is near impossible to even get an extern/intern in ICU. My husband is in CRNA school and none of his classmates had less than three years experince in ICU with most of those having a lot non ICU experience along with ICU. I am in a nights and weekend program so there many schools out there that offer that. I am also getting my second degree. I, too, chose the ADN program thinking it was the quickest way to get where I needed to be. I would just immediately bridge to BSN. Well, a lot of programs require that you be working to complete the bridge. ADN's seem to be going to the bottom of the resume stack so most of my classmates can't find jobs. Now, I am just hoping that I can find any job! Personally, I regret the ADN decision and wish that I would have chose the BSN. This is my realistic timeline now: 2 yrs ADN program, 6mos - 1 year to find job, will probably only be med-surg 1-2 years (RN-BSN), if I am lucky, transfer to ICU 1 - 2 years there then I can apply = 5-7 years at best You can't get an initial RN degree online at all. Those are only offered as bridge programs or advanced degree. I hope it works out for you!!

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