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  1. We have eleven weeks left, Its a great program but it is a LOT of work if you have any specific questions let me know! Did you take the TEAS yet?? Did you have your interview yet??
  2. MegLPNstudent

    Help! Is LPN as hard as RN program

    I hhad someone in my LPN that was in the RN program failed out 3rd semester . Then came and took the LPN program and failed out after 6 weeks. But if you put 100% in to it you can do it!! But I dont know that its easier...
  3. I would love to meet up with you guys and go over all the summer work, If anyones interested let me know!!
  4. MegLPNstudent

    Is there anyone out there who...

    I just wanted to post to let anyone whos in quinsigs nursing program know that at Salvation Army in Fitchburg there are the nusing uniforms you have to wear 5$ for the top and $4 for the bottoms. I know how expensive they are new and These look brand new no stains at all!!!
  5. MegLPNstudent

    Sept 2010 Roll call LPN Programs!!!

    Meghan, Monty Tech, Fitchburg MA 10 month program!! Congats everyone!!!!
  6. The patches have to be on your left sleeve 2 inches from the top! I dont think we get lockers so i bought a good size backpack with wheels, i know its not the most fashionable but id rather that then break my back.. The one I bought they have at Target for 50$ its a jansport. I still have to do my CPR I should probably sign up for that soon!!
  7. Hey, Thanks I got your message right after i bought a new desk but thanks anyways...Anyone have ideas on backpacks or bags to hold all these books..lol
  8. Hey, Thank you so much I just ordered all of them at once, Thanks again!! I finished my Ati its really easy im looking at desks now. really nervous about everything!!
  9. What was the company our books are supposed to come from I accidentaly misplaced the sheet
  10. MegLPNstudent

    Help on what I need for school?

    I got my book list today :eek:rolling backpack it is lol:D thanks again
  11. MegLPNstudent

    Help on what I need for school?

    Thank you so mucch!! Do you think the rolling bag is a neccesisty?? I just cant imagine myself using it, would a regular backpack or a side one be suitable?
  12. MegLPNstudent

    Help on what I need for school?

    Thank you SO, SO much!!!
  13. MegLPNstudent

    Help on what I need for school?

    could someone please tell me what supplies I will need for LPN school i start in august:D. Have no idea I've never taken any college classes. Please Help!!
  14. MegLPNstudent

    Should i become a CNA first?

    DEFINETLEY!!! It helps you so so much! and CNA school is very very easy
  15. Another questiobn about normal lab values Do we need to know all of them?? Also, what else would be helpful for the program?
  16. Sorry, I didnt get back to you. I am also very very nervous , but also excited see you at orientation!!

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