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  1. -samuel-

    CSN vs. NSC, please help.

    Hey guys I am currently in the same situation as the OP. i am in the CSN high school program and i have been taking prereq classes for quite some time now. I already completed: Bio 189 Psy 101, Soc 101, Eng 101, Com 101 Math 100B I am currently working on Bio 223 (which i failed last semester) and bio 224. Regarding bio 223 i am sure i will pass it this semester but i think i will probably get a "D" in bio 224 which is sadly not enough. Next semester, fall 2010 i was thinking on taking bio 224, bio 251, the US and NV constitution class and maybe ENG 102 (i think i might need it for a bachelor degree ?) The thing is, since i was still a High school student and had to work on other classes i took quite a lot of time ot complete this low amount of prereq (2 years now) so i think i have lost a lot of time. admitting i pass the last 2 bio classes next semester, i would have to apply for the fall 2011 for the ADN I was thinking of going for the accelarated BSN at NSC if they would accept me with the current prereq i completed. since there are a lot of peers from NSC i wanted to ask, is it possible ? If not what would i need ? also how am i doing in reguard to the ADN at CSN ? thank you for the time
  2. -samuel-

    Las vegas CNA trainning

    Hey guys I am currently working my way through getting into a RN program but Its gonna take quite a bit of time; Meanwhile i was thinking of getting a CNA certification for the experience and probably making a bit of a living. I went to the CSN East health counselor for some infos. Turns out the total tuition would amount to about $1,000 and takes a about 2 months. I was curious if there are any other choices out there ? I would like to get my certification as fast and inexpensive as possible. So What are the other options i have for CNA trainning in las vegas ? I also heard there could be a way to get a certification without actually attending classes and all that. any details on those opportunities ? Thank you for the time!!

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