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  1. Hi! I am just wondering if Canadian Licensed Practical Nurses can get jobs in Australia and/or New Zealand (for 6mths, 1 year, or indefinately)..or do you have to be a Registered Nurse? Thanks!
  2. Hi! Sorry this is a bit of a read but I have alot of questions/concerns and I hope someone can help! I have just recently started thinking about going back to college to be an LPN. I've taken Business Administration and found it to be very unfullfilling as I want to do something where I'm going to feel like I'm really making a difference! I've thought about Child&Youth Care and Social Work, but I keep thinking that the LPN makes more sense in terms of amount of schooling I'd need to take, income level, and job stabilty/opportunities. (this may not be correct??) I have a lot of questions though, so hopefully somebody can answer them for me! :) I am a resident of Alberta and have been hearing/reading nothing but troubling issues going on within Alberta Health Services right now and can't help but wonder if it is a bad idea to get into nursing.. most of the posts I read are negative and seems to me like LPN's feel underpaid for the amount of work they do? Does anybody know what the job opportunites for LPN's will be like in the future? Is it so understaffed and busy that you don't even have time to talk with patients and feel like you're helping them? How satisfying is it working in hospitals in Alberta as an LPN? (or anywhere in Canada) I would LOVE to work in Maternity/Labour and Delivery or with kids in Pediatrics..can LPN's choose to do this? Or is it mostly only RN's that work in these areas? I've always dreamt of working at Alberta Children's Hospital, but don't know if they employ LPN's? Also, I am a travel nut and would LOVE to be a travel nurse, at least for a little while(within Canada, US, and elsewhere).... is there opportunites for LPN's to do this or only RN's? I'm also interested in volunteering overseas, can LPN's do this? Sorry if I sound naive but when I google most of it it only takes me to US sites. I guess thats all for now. My main concern is that I want to go to work everyday feeling like I am truly making a difference, and feeling satisfied in my job. I am not concerned about making a lot of money but I would like to feel like I am getting paid what I deserve. It seems like Alberta Health is kind of a gongshow right now? Just from what I've read, that kind of worries me too. And I dont want to go to school for 2 more years to find out that I cant get a job. I hear mixed things between phasing out LPN's or expanding their scope and using them more... just want to make sure this is a good decision for me! thanks for anyone who replys!!!! :)

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