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emt2lpn2 has 3 years experience and specializes in pediatrics.

LPN graduate and emt

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  1. emt2lpn2

    the worst intubation

    I've witnessed 3 intubations. 2 in the field 1 in the hospital. Only 2 that was difficult. 1st one that was difficult the paramedic only had me the EMTB, and after we were unsuccessful with the first try we did a king airway. Being that we wanted the airway to be done while we went to start the IV IO drill. The 2nd was with flying a patient out. The nurse didn't get it the first two times, then the medic tried and it was successful. So I'm wondering why didn't the chief or attending didn't intervene, being that the resident was unsuccessful during the first go round.
  2. emt2lpn2

    Do you ever question if your a good nurse?

    Exactly as The Commuter said, it takes time an experience. I asked a lot of questions and I jumped on any thing that required new education. Go to conferences, look for classes on the novice nurse that helps expand your skill set, and must of all find a "MENTOR", that is seasoned and you trust. This will help you with new knowledge and when you have questions you won't feel like you are asking stupid questions. Keep your head up and enjoy helping others, before you know it you will be preventing others.
  3. emt2lpn2

    Pediatric LPNs

    Congrats, I have worked as a pediatric LPN since 2010, first job ever. My nurse manager created a position for me when I was a care partner, so that after I took my nclex I would have a position. What I would say is learn your vaccines and age groups. Refresh on dosage calculation ranges based on kg (min- max). Remember your formulas of trying to find X. Other than that always remember you have more than one patient; parents and patient. Enjoy your adventure in Peds.
  4. emt2lpn2

    Any specialty type LVN's ?? what's yours?

    I'm a pediatric nurse. Now I'm the nurse for adolescents. I love emergency care first, which I am a certified emergency medical technician basic. With that certification I can respond to emergencies in my building and help those that are struggling in the moment of their pediatric patient having emergency difficulties. This is why I love nursing.
  5. emt2lpn2

    What do you love about nursing?

    I love the different sectors nursing offer. I love when I see some of my patient's in my daughter school, and they ask her if I am her mom? Because I am their favorite nurse. That puts a smile on my face and make me appreciate being a pediatric nurse.
  6. emt2lpn2

    RPN/LPN Vs... RN Or... $30+ Hour work offers/opportunities?

    team forum, it's up to you. On what career path is right for you. If you have kids and cannot devote 4 years of education then go for the LPN. I had the same situation. I had to keep applying if I didn't get in to nursing school for RN and I didn't have the time to wait. So I decided to do my LPN and then continue my education at the same time at my own pace, to bridge to my RN. This kept me knowledgable and kept my career opportunities open so that my work ethic could be displayed so it could guarantee me a spot with my current employer that would not want to let me go after I obtained my RN. In a nut shell. Do what works for you at this time and weigh your options while setting long and short term goals for whatever plan you do decide.
  7. emt2lpn2

    LPN/RN Bridge Programs Richmond/Charlotsville

    Did you look into Piedmont Virginia community college. They have an LPN-RN transition program.
  8. Those that are in our field understand. I felt your love open heartedly reading your blog. Keep your head up and that family will always remember that caring nurse.
  9. emt2lpn2

    Do nurses have free time?

    I have to say, I wish I could work 2 or 3 twelve hour shifts. I work Monday thru Friday at a full time career as an LPN. Every other weekend as a casual employee as an LPN charge nurse. I have been on vacation and go back tomorrow and wish I took until Friday. Sometimes I feel I have no life because of school, but I am very ambitious. I have been on vacation and still read articles about nursing, EMT, and EBOLA with education but when you LOVE your profession you can't help it. So I have a life when my friends tend to become livid at me for not giving any attention to them and force me out of the books and to live a little. Also, since my vacation I have worked out every day effortless than making my self work out the two or one day a week I do get in. So as a nurse regardless of your shift you have to find WORK LIFE BALANCE... And enjoy your profession.
  10. emt2lpn2

    PVCC 2015 Hopefuls

    I applied to Piedmont Virginia Community College, for there LPN to RN part time. They did send an email that stated you will receive an email around the 17th of Nov.
  11. emt2lpn2

    I am a student being bullied :-(

    I feel for you. I work with adolescent patients and I have a 14 year old. With that said I am a big bully advocate. This is not the health care world but some people use being a seasoned individual as their EGO. I would turn them in to the administrator at the school, especially your instructor. I always throw out their to the children when you feel you are being bullied embrace it with what ever they said. For instance my daughter is in a lot of advance classes and wear glasses and of course other kids would tear her down in the 7th grade. I told her let's fight back quietly. We brought nerd shirts that said nerd and brought shirts that were made and said I am a nerd who will be the next president. No one had nothing else to say once they had nothing to talk about. No one has called her a nerd since. When it comes to it reverse psychology always work with humans.
  12. emt2lpn2

    immunization schedule

    Good job. The only vaccine that is tricky is Rotarix and rotateq. Rotarix is two doses and should be completed by 6 months of age. Rotateq is three doses and should be completed by 8 months of age. But for the basics you did great.
  13. emt2lpn2

    LTC LPN's...how many patients do you have??

    I have to say, I can't see how you all do it. Since I have been a nurse(3 yr) I have only did OP clinic, and I complain about parents and the way they act.lord my job seems like a piece of cake. Hats off to all of you on LTC. I do understand the pressure you all be under because I volunteer for an EMS agency, I am an EMT also, so I can have a mix of adult and peds so I keep my cert in date. But if I had to pull and lift all day my body will take a toll on me. So,kudos to you all :-)
  14. emt2lpn2

    MCV Richmond VA

    Go to vcuhealth.org or google vcu. What I can say about Vcu is, it has an environment that pushes you to keep growing as an individual.
  15. emt2lpn2

    I passed Nclex Pn 1st attempt

  16. emt2lpn2

    Failed NCLEX: My Story

    Or got to the nclex form

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