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LupeRN has 7 years experience as a MSN and specializes in ER.

Working in the Emergency Department, recently finished my MSN and passed the AANP. Will be starting as an FNP in urgent care very soon. 

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  1. LupeRN


    Hi I just finished my BSN through CSUDH and I started off with three classes as well my first semester. I thought it was an ok workload but you will have to manage your time if you work full time as well. I liked the online experience because I could do work on my own time and pace but again you can't fall behind because it would be harder to catch up and most professors won't accept late work. I think you can definitely do three the first semester. I did 4 the second semester and was fine. Just depends on how well you can do manage your time to study, do your group work, papers, and work. My advice is to finish assignments early and try not to procrastinate which is easier said than done! Good LUCK!
  2. LupeRN

    Nursing@USC online FNP program

    I recently applied to a couple FNP programs, one of them being USC and want to know how the first cohort is doing. Anyone out there that can share insight on the bridge class? Does everyone have to take this bride Nursing 500 class?
  3. Hi, was it hard to get into Charles Drew?, or is it as long as you have the requirements down such as GPA and such. I also applied here and waiting on transcripts to be delivered. I am glad to hear that you liked it, I had some coworkers state that is was very self-taught.
  4. Hello , For those that were accepted into Fall 2017, what were your stats such as GPA, experience, and anything else that could help others if they want to apply. I did apply recently and was wondering if I had a chance or not! lol
  5. LupeRN

    acceptance letter for elcamino college fall2009

    I got accepted as an upward mobility student for fall 2010.. I will taking nurs154, 155, 156 &149.. Has anybody taken these courses @ el camino Compton? Just need some advice on what to focus on.. Thanks! I got my acceptance thru email on Wed.26th.
  6. LupeRN

    acceptance letter for elcamino college fall2009

    thanks, i really hope to just receive some good news soon so i can have a good summer! good luck with the rest of your semester..
  7. LupeRN

    acceptance letter for elcamino college fall2009

    finally someone from el camino compton, i also applied there but no email yet. let me know if u receive it anytime soon..thanks:)
  8. LupeRN

    El Camino College Bridge Program

    Any nursing students from Compton on this site??
  9. LupeRN

    acceptance letter for elcamino college fall2009

    OK thanks! i applied to el camino in Compton, i think you applied to torrance correct? i never find anything on that campus, im guessing because its in compton.
  10. LupeRN

    LPN to RN

    Unfortunately thats how it is everywhere, im from southern ca and i have relatives in texas who also said that they too require pre-reqs even though you are in lvn already which will take you about 2 to 3yrs depending if youre going full time or part time to finish them..i graduated as an lvn in 2005 and finally was done with the pre-reqs in 2009 and im still trying to enter an RN program at my community colleges. It is also very competitive , so if you decide to start your pre-reqs, remember you will need to get A's or B's. If cost isnt an issue to you then you can always look at the private colleges around you that will charge you thousands and thousands to start right away. GOOD LUCK!
  11. LupeRN

    acceptance letter for elcamino college fall2009

    hi karmarene, you said that you started this spring in nurs149 so i know you were already an LVN..Im also an lvn and applied to el camino college, i wanted to know if it was really tough getting accepted there as an lvn. Did you have a really high gpa or did u have to wait? sorry im anxious on whether or not i got in..
  12. LupeRN

    Rio Hondo Fall 2010 Applicants

    yea sorry, they sent letters a while ago and i called also, didnt get in either =(
  13. LupeRN

    El Camino College Bridge Program

    Hi everyone, I am an LVN & Applied to el camino college Compton campus. Is there anyone out there who is currently in nurs149? Any advice & info would appreciated.. How long did u wait for the acceptance email? Thnx!

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