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  1. mz_tinyf00t

    H. Influenza Pneumonia question

    The answer would be both; however, keep in mind that when you take the NCLEX, remember it as majorly droplet. Therefore, your main PPE would be a surgical mask.
  2. mz_tinyf00t

    Will never really be ready...

    Don't freak out. Your scores looks exactly like mine on the Kaplan question trainers and Qbanks...including the 40%. Guess what though, I freaked out for awhile too. When I finally took the NCLEX, I passed with the minimum amount of questions and it was super easy for me only because of Kaplan. Their questions, I have to say, were the closest to the real NCLEX. Good Luck!
  3. mz_tinyf00t

    Failed NCLEX PN for 3rd time..dont know what to do?

    I will start off by telling you that I failed the very first time I took the NCLEX. I used the same books/tools you used. The biggest mistake I made was not taking my time to read and re-read each questions carefully. Another mistake I made was not allowing myself enough time to study before I the took the test. Also, I made the mistake of not researching and looking for the closest NCLEX style questions out there. The final mistake I made was letting anxiety take over me. You have to relax! However, the 2nd time I took the test, I have to admit that it was SUPER easy for me . That's because I studied for the NCLEX using different tools. I had the minimum amount of questions. What I did differently the 2nd time around was Kaplan online course. I had to approach the NCLEX in a different manner in order to study it correctly. Plus, I have to say that the questions on Kaplan online course were the closest to the real NCLEX. Getting use to answering the style of questions on the Kaplan course will better prepare you for the NCLEX. I'm positive. Good Luck!
  4. mz_tinyf00t

    June 2010 Nclex RN study group

    I will be sitting for the NCLEX RN in June as well. I failed my first exam (taken on April 27th). Let's do this. I am ready.
  5. mz_tinyf00t


    I got my results back this morning. And, according to the trick it was right. I did fail. The other 4 girls that were with me did the trick too and they did pass. Ugh!
  6. mz_tinyf00t


    So, I got my results and I did fail. Darn! I will pass the next one for sure. Ugh! NCLEX...I'm taking it down. The battle is on!!!
  7. mz_tinyf00t


    Thank you so much. I hope I passed. I will keep everyone updated.
  8. mz_tinyf00t


    I should really find another studying strategy. It looks like I will have to do questions from books. Thank you so much for understanding.
  9. mz_tinyf00t


    Caliotter3, I hope the PearsonVue trick is wrong. I don't want to stress, but it's so hard that they make us wait for at least 48 hours to get our results.
  10. mz_tinyf00t


    Hey guys, I am new to this. Well, I just took my NCLEX this morning and according to the PearsonVue "trick thing" I failed because it led me all the way to payment option. And, of course, I paid because I think I failed. But, I am unable to schedule a date. Is it because I have to wait for 48 hours? I know I sound ridiculous right now because I already paid for another test. Ugh! What was I thinking. Also, does anyone have any studying suggestions? I used learningext.com and it was too much information for me. Also, I studied from the Kaplan Strategy book. I had 2 study buddies with me. The other girl that took the test with me this morning "passed" according to the PearsonVue trick thing.

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