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  1. nikkib1377

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    PVT trick works! Took my NCLEX PN on 4-26-10, go the good pop up.. found out I passed today!! YAY!!!!
  2. nikkib1377

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    that is true, you have to wait to take the test again, but you can pay and register anytime before that! :)
  3. nikkib1377

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    This is my 2nd time doing the NCLEX PN as well, I should find out this morning if I passed.. I am getting the "good pop up"! I will also let everyone know if its true!!
  4. nikkib1377

    Hoping to pass on 4-26-10

    im sorry im new at this thing.. i posted a reply to the message you sent me at the bottom of the page somewhere.. its to fearlessleader09! it wont let me send any messages! sorry!
  5. nikkib1377

    Hoping to pass on 4-26-10

    Hey! im sorry i cant reply to you in a message because it says i have to have 15 posts, But Im sorry that you are getting that CC page, I havent got my results yet and i hear that the PVT is accurate so i have my hopes up but i dont want to be dissapointed and i get a big gold envelope in the mail! But to answer your question.. I went to books a million and I got a book called KAPLAN .. for NCLEX PN i have to tell you that this helped me tremendously.. it doesnt just give you questions to do over and over like another book does.. this book as you read it.. you are reading this like someone is teaching you.. it teaches you how to actually look at the question.. how to reword the question , what its asking of you.. and basically what process you haev to go through to get the right answer.. remember moslows hiearchy or whatever it is.. how food, rest and all that comes first.. then there is safety then physcosocial needs.. its that little pyramid.. i know i saw it one time in nursing school and never seen it again.. but this book shows you how to use this pyramid and put it to good use! But i bought it at books a million it was about 20 bucks! and in the back they do also give you alot of questions! I also went to the kaplan website and they had a free 1 hour seminar which you could watch online and i joined that a couple days before my test.. i basically read this book twice.. and got online and got nclex questions and did the ones in the back of the book! Last time i had a bunch of lab value questions.. so i made sure i knew my lab values this time! StudyStack study system.. if really good for printable stuff for the nclex! Let me know when you get your results if its really true or not about the PVT! Goodluck.. and keep your head high.. theres always another chance! you will get it!
  6. nikkib1377

    Took my NCLEX yesterday!

  7. nikkib1377

    Finally going back to school

    I would definitely go back to RN school!
  8. nikkib1377

    Should I get my LPN license?

    Its a great way to start your career!
  9. nikkib1377

    Lpn to Rn bridge???

    That sounds cool! :)
  10. nikkib1377

    Pearsonvue "Trick". Is this TRUE? Does it Work Every Time?

    Hi! Im new to this but Just wanted to add my comment! I took the NCLEX PN Last July 2009.. I failed it and i had gotten all 205 questions. I took my nclex again yesterday and got only 85, I walked out of the place feeling I have failed it, i literally wanted to burst into tears when i shut off! Im from Louisiana, and my state boards doesnt offer the quick results, last time it only took a couple of days for my results to come in the mail. But I kept reading about the pearson trick so i tired it, and it gives me the "good pop up" I tried it again today over and over and its still giving me the pop up! i sure hope that is good news! I hope that my results are in the mail tommorow or atleast thursday at the least! im still so nervous! but if I did pass.. then this means it did work, I will keep yall posted!!

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