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  1. bmarrero

    LPN as quick transition into nursing field...

    Thanks again for all the responses. MAXCAT - Where is the part time LPN Program you attend? NY?
  2. bmarrero

    LPN as quick transition into nursing field...

    Many thanks for all the responses. This website is so helpful. It keeps me inspired to pursue my goal. I currently work as an Executive Assistant. Granted I make a decent living, but it is time for change. I actually met an LPN yesterday who also advised this was a good idea. Folks I will keep you posted. All the best, Barbara
  3. I have currently applied to the LPN program at La Guardia Community College. Due to financial responsibilities, I cannot take the time off to pursue a RN right now. Would pursuing an LPN be a good move to transition from one career into the nursingy field?
  4. Thanks. It sounds worth pursuing.
  5. I recently got accepted to LaGuardia and hope to start in the Fall. I am switching carreers, and cannot pursue a BSN right now do to financial reasons. I hope LGCC is the right choice, and I can indeed make it into the Nursing Program. Kudos to you on the impressive GPA that is needed to the competitive Program.
  6. Thanks for all the replies. I appreciate it.
  7. Great, thanks for the reply. I had someone tell me I may not want to be a CNA, and should go straight into becoming a Registered Nurse. They said I may be turned off by some of the grunt work the CNAs do, that a REgistered Nurse would never do.
  8. Thanks. I will definitely take this under consideration.
  9. So I am at a job I truly hate, and have made the decision to go back to school to become a registered nurse. I have applied to CUNY schools, and am waiting for a response. I have been thinking it may make sense in the to become a CNA, then a patient care technician (which pays a bit more) so while I go to school (full time) I can work as one part time (I still need to make a living). It would also give me the opportunity to get a taste of this field as I currently work as a secretary. Does anyone have any feedback, suggestions on this path?

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