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  1. lindseyjaneRN

    Interview advice for OB RN position?

    Great, Thanks for the advice!
  2. lindseyjaneRN

    Interview advice for OB RN position?

    Hello....I am currently an RN working on a surgical/oncology floor. I have an interview coming up for an OB position, which is the reason I decided to go into nursing. I could not be happier about the potential of working in labor and delivery!!! Can anyone give some extra advice for the interview? Are there certain characteristics/traits that a director of an obstetric floor desires? Anything specific that I should focus on regarding my past nursing skills? I am generally pretty confident in interviews, but I just want to make sure I really make the right impression and that the director knows how bad I want the position. Any advice is greatly appreciated from all you OB nurses out there :) Thanks a bunch!
  3. lindseyjaneRN

    New RN hating night shift

    Hello all. I am an RN with 6 months experience. I oriented days when I first started my nursing orientation and then switched to orienting nights in order to prepare myself for my nightshift position. I have been working 12 hours nights for 6 months now. I can't express enough how much I dislike it. More than anything, it is simply the hours. I have never been a night owl and since working night shift, I have experienced sleep deprivation, GI issues, and horrible headaches. It was the only position I was offered so I took it. I have looked into other nursing jobs (specifically days or evenings) but all require 1 year experience. Does anyone have any advice? Or has anyone experienced this? It is affecting the quaity of my nursing care, as my patience is short. I am at a loss as to what to do. I have to work but I am not sure how much longer I will last on nights. Any advice is greatly appreciated..Thanks!

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