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    Those Accepted For Banner Fellows @ Gateway July 2010

    Hi all.... thought I'd join the thread after hearing about it in class. How's everyone doing with the mountain of resources?? The Banner modules seem fairly straightforward, just a little time consuming... but no stress :) So far so good, but for me things will be getting busier in the weeks ahead when I can find full time work ... such is life C u in class
  2. Sciannen

    Banner Nurse Fellows Program

    Rant/Question/Observation while sweating the wait for a spot in the July cohort. It's almost a year since I decided on a second career in nursing and saw Banner's Fellows program as the best choice for quality education with an employer that seemed as committed as I am to excellence.:redbeathe A lot has changed since and sadly not for the better. First the March cohort was cut in half, then the deadline for applications for July was pushed back, next the long serving head of the program is dumped just weeks before the new deadline. Meanwhile recent graduates are unable to find jobs at Banner. Nothing for it but to wait and see, but in recent months I've been busy looking hard at alternatives to Banner. So, anyone heard anything?? It's now over a week past the delayed deadline, which would only have benefited Banner employee applicants as Spring finals aren't til next month. I'd hope they had at least started sifting through those already submitted.

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