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  1. jescott

    Napa Valley College Fall 2011

    I just received an email this morning that a spot has opened for Fall 2011 at Napa Valley College. Is anyone else on here starting at NVC 2011?
  2. jescott

    Ohlone Lottery 2011

    I am just wondering if anyone has heard anything back from the Ohlone lottery yet? This is my 3rd time in the lottery & the waiting doesn't get any easier.
  3. jescott

    Solano RN program

    Hi Yes, I worry about all the stuff I have forgotten- but I'm hoping its stored somewhere in my brain. Its so stressful not knowing when I will get it. I was 99 this time around and it doesn't look like I will make it in 2011- bummer! But, its better than some of the lotteries I have been it- at least with the waitlist it will happen for sure. I took the TEAS 5 at Napa, I thought it was fair. A lot of the chemistry stuff was hard to remember, but I studied a lot and passed. I am still taking classes, I have vowed to keep going to school until I get in to an RN program so I don't get out of the swing of things. But, I am running out of classes to take at this point. good job on passing your TEAS- isn't it such a relief!?
  4. jescott

    Solano RN program

    I spoke to the someone in the Health Occupations Dept at Solano, they will accept TEAS 4 if you get in by August 2011. But, if you get in after that they will require TEAS 5.
  5. jescott

    Solano Community College: Composite Score

    They have a really complicated formula, I just scheduled an appointment with a counselor and they figured it out for me.
  6. I received my new waitlist number in October for Solano, I am #99. I had to take the TEAS test a couple weeks ago, and passed. Does anyone know when I will hear an update on my waitlist number or if I will get in, in August? Is there anyone else on here that is almost in at Solano?
  7. jescott

    Ohlone Fall 2010 - did you get an email?

    Oh man, I'm so bummed. This is my second time applying for this program, I really like the enthusiasm and pride they take in their program I wish I could get in. Congrats to all that got in, good luck!

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