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Solano Community College Waitlist

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I received my new waitlist number in October for Solano, I am #99. I had to take the TEAS test a couple weeks ago, and passed. Does anyone know when I will hear an update on my waitlist number or if I will get in, in August?

Is there anyone else on here that is almost in at Solano?

Hi there,

My waitlist number as of Oct. '10 was 93. It's now end of June '11 and I'm still waiting to hear if I'll be able to start in August. I've been on the waitlist now for 25 months. I really thought that I would easily get in for the fall, reason being that my waitlist number has dropped by nearly 200 each year for the last two years. I figured at 93 I'd be in for sure.

Also, a friend of mine took the teas test back in April (I took mine two years ago to try and get into a 4 year - thought better of it with the economy and job market though, that's a LOT of debt to take on). A guy we both had a class with said his current number was 35 and his number back in Oct. was 114. That should put me at 14 as of April, right? But when I called to inquire about my current standing, I was told it was in the 70's. Wth?! The lady I spoke to did stress that she wasn't supposed to really give out that info and that she didn't know how updated her list was. So I don't really know what's going on or what to think.

There's still a chance, students decide last minute not to attend or they get in last minute at a different school they prefer to attend. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, it's been a very long wait and I'm getting very anxious. Good luck to you, perhaps we'll both have the good luck to start this fall.

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Is there anybody here knows where the SCC nursing students went for there clinicals? Do they have affiliated hospitals?