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  1. cncplus3

    Other Inland Empire nurses?

    I did clinicals in Hemet, it was by far my last choice of hospitals to work at. I did not work in the ER however, so I can't give any info on that unit, I do have friends I work with now who came from Hemet ER and they were not happy there. That being said I still know a few people who work there and they get along just fine, however they had been working at the hospital as aides or tech's before getting their RN, so knew how it was going to be. From my experience it just was not a hospital with a lot of support, if your experienced and can hold your own and depend on yourself then maybe Hemet is a good place to work, but coming from a new grad stand point I felt it was a sink or swim situation. As I mentioned in a previous post I work at IVMC, and I feel they have given us a lot of support and encouragement, the other team memebers also have helped me along the way, and I would rather work at a place with people whom have had the direction and guidence they needed if that makes sense.
  2. cncplus3

    Other Inland Empire nurses?

    I have a few friends that just got hired there as new grads, two went to the ER. They love it and have a great training program there, ---- is the HR director you can call and talk directly to her, I hear they are doing another training program in August.
  3. cncplus3

    Other Inland Empire nurses?

    i work at ivmc not in the er but did clinicals there it was great loved it there. i precepted in ranch er loved it too! they (rancho) are much smaller right now and still struggling to open their new building so that location is a bit harder to work in, however that said, the people working there were really close knit and helpful to me so i love that unit. ivmc is a trauma center and it sees a lot more action.
  4. cncplus3

    California's 2010 New Grad RN Program

    Been reading your posts I hope all went well I got hired at SWHC, for the last new grad program and love it!
  5. cncplus3

    Down and Out

    My theory when I am frustrated or feeling down and out about my job is, I can do anything for a year, I will give it a year at where I am at and then re-evaluate things. Maybe at that time part time will be an option, PRN, or even another hospital but atleast you have fullfilled your obligation to your employer as well as given yourself some valuable experience that you will need to find work else where and able to negotiate a different contract. good luck
  6. cncplus3

    New Grad Advice

    I second that! I love my preceptor program at my job, I am learning so much it makes my head spin! I will also add don't be too hard on yourself this first few months has been very hard, I am always beating myself up over things I forgot or missed, this is good but it's a fine line you can really beat yourself down So although it's great to reflect and learn from you mistakes, keep a mental or written tally of all you have learned and accomplished as well!
  7. cncplus3

    New Grad RN, and I don't like it!

    Thank you so much for the update I love when I read an old post from someone and then see they updated later!
  8. well it didn't post the way I wanted, basicly I made 4 columns ( our ratio is 4:1) each column has pt name and then under it wrote the hour 7-1900 if they have a med at a certain hour I circle it, if they have a test or going to surgery I write that, i also use it for when I call the dr or change a dressing etc... I write next to the time what I did. This way if 1. I don't get to chart right away I have the info, 2, if the drs call and ask me a question I have it what I did at what time, like labs, ct scans etc. organization is the key
  9. i made a graph that really helped me organize my time i am not sure if i can attach it but will try, maybe it will help. [color=white]name [color=white]patient name [color=white]patient name [color=white]patient name
  10. cncplus3

    What color do you wear?

    we can wear whatever color, pattern and scrubs we want, I love buying fun scrubs! However, that said I worked at another hospital where the departments were color coded, RN's were light blue, Techs Purple, respiratory Green etc...I liked that and thought it was proffessional and made staff and patients know who was who. At my hospital I have no idea who is a nurse a tech or physical thereapy.
  11. This is a great post thank you so much, I am just about done with my orientation and feeling overwhelmed at times. I keep telling myself one day at a time and hope it gets better as time goes by. I know I will always have good and bad days but I am continueously learning every day.
  12. cncplus3

    Rancho Springs Medical Center

    the career battery is basicly situational questions and how you would react in each situation, before i took the test i looked it up on line by doing a search here is what i found. http://www.ddiworld.com/pdf/patientservicescareerbattery_hc_rr_ddi.pdf i will say that if you don't "pass" this test they won't even look at your application (so i am told). i have no idea what passing is, to me though the questions were common sense, what kind of employee will you be. the questions at the panel interview were basic interview questions, give examples in your proffesional life (nursing or otherwise) where you were in certain situations, ex..going above and beyond for a patient, having to deal with difficult situations etc... good luck!
  13. cncplus3

    Rancho Springs Medical Center

    I work for Southwest at thier Inland Valley location, I am part of the new Grad Program that started in February, I love it! Yes they have been in the press lately, and have been having some difficulty with the state, actually for the past 3 years or so this battle has been going on. The administration and cooperate offices (UHS) have stepped up their response this last go around and really putting best foot forward. I did my student nursing at these facilities as well for the past two years, and I am very proud to work for Southwest, I think the nursing and the management have been doing a fantastic job under the pressure and harassment from the State. As far as competition goes, yes Loma linda is set to open in 2011, however with only 104 beds, this area is severely underserved, even with our new additions and LLMC comming here it still won't be enough. As an added note SWHS is also beginning their hospital in Temecula that will open with 144 beds to start should be finished in 2013, it is set to be the oncology center. Once the new buildings at Rancho are allowed to open, womens services and ER will move in there, Inland Valley is going to then start building a Cardiac center. Inland has also nearly completed their additions to the ICU and the ER. PM if you want more information but if you are interested in being part of a growing successful industry then Yes Rancho/inland are great places to work.

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