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  1. HonnyBrown

    I Have to Interview A Nurse

    This is for my Nursing 101 class. Is anyone available right now for a phone interview? I'll PM my number.
  2. HonnyBrown

    Acceptance Date Changes?!

    I have been stalking my 1st chouce school's Nursing website for over a year. I look at the prerequisites and application deadlines often. I stopped looking after I applied in January. I sent my application, transcripts, and current schedule by Priority Mail. I no longer have the receipt. My application arrived a few days prior to the deadline. OK, I went on their website a few days ago to look up some information. To my surprise, they changed the deadlines! According to this new deadline, my application is over a week late! Has anyone else experienced something like this? What's going on?!
  3. HonnyBrown

    Bowie State University

    Thanks, athomas. I went to the Transfer Student Orientation and just fell in love with the school. March isn't too far off, so I won't wear my nerves out.
  4. HonnyBrown

    Bowie State University

    I'm in the process of applying to Bowie State's Accelerated Nursing program and I am nervous as hek! My back up school is the junior college that I am currently attending. Has anyone applied to this program? How long does it take to hear back from them (the deadline is February 15)?
  5. HonnyBrown

    Do I Have What it Takes To Be a Nurse?

    I have a BS in a science that I did not work very hard to get. My grades show that. Now that I am changing careers, I am at a CC starting from scratch. I will not provide my other transcripts, only the ones from my CC where I am doing well.
  6. HonnyBrown

    BSN Pre-Reqs

    The one class that I am concerned with is a Philosophy course. Our school doesn't offer the listed equivalent. For my transfer program, I am going to apply to the Accelerated BSN which will start in the summer.
  7. HonnyBrown

    BSN Pre-Reqs

    I plan to apply to a nursing school for my 2nd BS next spring. Currently, I am attending a community college. Do the prerequisites that you take have to be identical matches to what your transfer school wants? They require X but my school offers x. When I ask the advisors at both schools, they point the fingers at each other. Can you apply when you are still taking classes? My transfer school requires you to apply by Maarch. I will be taking AP2 then and my last humanities class.
  8. HonnyBrown

    A&P 1 and Microbiology

    I took AP1, Micro and Precalculus in the Spring. I am also married with 2 kids. I got Cs in everything and I am ecstatic that I don't have to repeat the classes. AP1 lecture and lab were extremely hard. Micro Lab was impossible. I had good (not great) professors for both and terrific study partners.
  9. HonnyBrown

    Pre-req math classes for nursing school

    Learn from my experience. Before you take a math class, check RateMyProfessor.com.
  10. HonnyBrown

    RN programs in the Philadelphia Area

    Temple University has an outstanding BSN program. They also have a hospital at the Health Sciences Campus.
  11. HonnyBrown

    Psychological statistics vs. Statistics

    I also have a choice in the two. I hope you get some replies because I am pretty interested to know as well.
  12. HonnyBrown

    New and I Have Questions

    I am an engineer, returning for a 2nd bachelors in nursing. I start this summer. How much is malpractice insurance, ballpark? Is it worth it to get a Masters? Is there really a shortage? Thanks in advance!

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