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JenRN2010 has 11 years experience as a BSN and specializes in psychiatric.

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  1. JenRN2010

    Med Administration Competency Test: Help!

    I went with, "A", which was correct. I was just reading too much inton the question and second guessing myself. Pretty much, the answer summary: The Joint Commission does not include, "A. Handwritten orders," as an example of medication safety practice. Thank you for your input. Jennifer
  2. Which of the following is not an example of Joint Commission medication safety practice? (hint, its not "B") a. Use of hand written orders. b. Use of approved abbreviation list. c. Use of TALLman lettering. d. Use of High Alert medication lists.
  3. JenRN2010

    Cynet..good or bad?

    Perfect! Thank you. I totally get what you are saying. My plan is to 1. go to PANTravelers to research agencies. 2. choose a couple dozen agencies and recruiters based on reviews that align with my own circumstances. 3. call and interview the agencies and recruiters. 4. complete a fully-on boarded, “open,” relationship with 3 recruiters from different companies. My husband is a 10-year CCRN who was pulled onto the COVID-ICU. We are ready to take the leap to travel nursing to staff COVID-ICUs in the nation’s remaining hotspots. We only plan to do this for a short time, so I’m trying to get it right early-on in the process.
  4. JenRN2010

    Cynet..good or bad?

    Hi NedRN - it doesn’t look like anyone has named a site that rates travel companies - other than TravelNursing.org mentioned here... So thankful that you exposed, “TravelNursing.org,” but how did you know? Could you, please, name a good travel agency-rating web site that is not a marketing site? (Other than PANTravelers)
  5. JenRN2010

    How to find an agency? Answered!

    Thank. YOU. NedRN! Perfectly helpful.
  6. My husband and I are both RNs and want to begin travel nursing to support hospitals in, “COVID hot-spots.“ I work from home and could live anywhere. My husband would take a 6 month sabbatical to do travel nursing. My husband is a 10 year CICU RN (CCRN) who transferred to the ED a year ago (now trauma certified, and an ED pod-lead). Since April, he was pulled to the COVID ICU to precept and mentor non-ICU RNs. An ongoing reduction in COVID cases led to the recent closing of the hospital’s COVID ICU. The rate of new COVID cases in the state is down to a couple hundred a day. Now, back in the ED, he goes several shifts without a single new positive case (at the busiest ED in the state, a Level I Trauma Center). Questions: What was the biggest mistake that you ever made in contract negotiations? Can a requirement of “3/12’s in a row,” be written into a contract? What is the worst-case scenario of unsafe ICU staffing ratios that you have experienced? Is the housing stipend negotiable? Thank you for any suggestions. We don’t quite know where to start.
  7. JenRN2010

    AACN reports on Job Opportunities

    In an article published in CNNMoney.com on February 27, 2009, the CEOs of two of the nation's largest healthcare systems - Tenet Healthcare and HCA, Inc. - confirmed the strong need for more RNs even as hospitals are reducing their use of nursing staffing companies. The CEOs reported to CNNMoney: "Anyone with a nursing degree in this country does not have to worry about having a job." . . . and the Association of College Nursing actually found - 2 - people who still believe, and attest, that "We need more nurses!" Right, these are the guys who benefit from a flooded nursing workforce. They want nurses to be as plentiful as McDonald's cashiers . . . then it would only cost them $8.35 an hour to support every 8 - 10 patients. This is who our nursing education Association chooses to quote as evidence of nursing, "the Shortage"? I have a college education, 10 years in clinical research administration, and worked as a fantastic CNA/Tech during the two years in nursing school, excellent references. Four months before licensing I was told there were no openings at my hospital. There were no jobs in the state, in the region, or on this side of the Mississippi River. This week I drive cross country to Washington state, in search of employment. Creating 2,700 miles of heart-wrenching distance between my lost, lovely career in Research and the poor, foolish, gullible choice to enter nursing. I heard that Starbucks was hiring! In between espresso lessons steaming milk for lattes, I'll send off a few emails to these guys. Apparently they know a few critically vacant nursing positions that I haven't come across during the SIX MONTHS that I have had my license! Read the full article here... http://www.aacn.nche.edu/Media/pdf/Economy.pdf Maybe they can help you find a job too: AACN Tenent Healthcare HCA
  8. Hello, My original appointment fell through. Could someone help me answer 3 questions on Nurse Leadership. What is your career progression? How do you overcome resistance to change? What is your nursing style? The resulting paper is for an MSN Leadership course. It will read a bit like a biography and likely make a great reference piece for your portfolio. My GMail address ID is the same as my AllNurses ID. Your are welcome to be in touch at your convenience. I would be very grateful! Thank you, Jennifer
  9. Hello, Need to Interview MSN for School. Have 5 minutes? My original appointment fell through. Could someone help me answer 3 questions on Nurse Leadership? I would be very grateful! Jennifer