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lifeisrough12 has 6 years experience as a BSN and specializes in CVSICU.

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  1. lifeisrough12

    Oakland University- Beaumont 2021 CRNA

    I forgot to ask them during the interview. This is the last week of interviews, so maybe in the next two weeks. The wait sucks, LOL.
  2. lifeisrough12


    Hi, I got an interview this month at OU. Good luck to you!
  3. lifeisrough12

    HFCC nursing entrance exam format

    That's good to hear, I take my NAT in July. Are you just waiting for the program, or are you still taking pre-reqs? Where do you plan on doing your RN-BSN? I am thinking Madonna.
  4. lifeisrough12

    HFCC nursing entrance exam format

    What were your scores on the HESI, for math, reading, vocab/grammar? Which sections did you find the toughest?
  5. lifeisrough12

    HFCC nursing entrance exam format

    Are any of you already on the waitlist, is it really 3 years? By the way, what is the passing score on the NAT, does it give you two scores, one for the reading and the other for the math? on the HFCC website it says you need a 65%, but I don't know if thats up to date. Thanks!
  6. lifeisrough12

    HFCC nursing entrance exam format

    Hi, Is their a vocab section on the NAT or is it just math and reading? Thanks!
  7. lifeisrough12

    HFCC New HESI test

    Hi, HFCC only requires the grammar, vocab, reading comprehension, and the math sections. Is each section timed, if so how long for each part? Also, for the math section, is there like a calculator on the screen that you can use? Thanks!!
  8. lifeisrough12

    HFCC New HESI test

    I heard that hfcc has a new test to get into the nursing program, has anyone taken it yet, if so, what did it test you on? Also, did you find it difficult at all? Thanks.
  9. lifeisrough12

    HFCC Financial Aid Award Letters 2010-2011

    Has anyone received their award letter from HFCC yet? It does not show up on my web adviser account, does anyone else have this problem? Also, what is the average time that students have been waiting to get into the nursing program? I am currently on the wait list, and have been waiting for about a year.
  10. lifeisrough12

    HFCC Nursing Program?

    I am starting my prerequisites in fall 2010 for nursing at hfcc, i heard the waiting list can be up to 3 years. Is this true? I completed some prerequisite's and i am a 4.0 student. I have a cousin in the program and graduates next month, he said he got called four months after putting his name on the wait list? Is math 074 required if you placed into a higher level math with the compass? Any tips/thoughts about nursing program?