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    pre-nursing mom of 3 needs advice

    I have 3 kids. 1,2, and 4 yrs old (almost 5). My oldest goes to school all day starting in the Fall. I was accepted to RN program at my local community college starting in the fall but it's during the day so I would have to put my other 2 kids in daycare. I feel soooo guilty as to the mere thought!! I have my B.S. degree in Psychology. I've completed all the gen-ed's and pre-req's so I just have to complete the 30 credits of nursing courses to get my RN. I've always stayed home with my kids ... I work part-time in the evenings in a call center so we've never had to pay for childcare in the past. The alternative is that I could wait 4 years (when they are all in school) and do a RN or BSN program. Because I already have my B.S. degree, I can go to an accelerated program (60 credits) (4 semesters) once the kids are older ...but still, that is a big committment ...all day everyday schooling. I thought about taking the slower route and doing RN first and then BSN ... spanned over a total of 4 years but taking less credits per semester. Anyway, I could also apply for an evening/weekend program at CCBC which is about an hour away from me. I could start Fall 2011 providing that I get it. That way I avoid the guilt, can still go to school, and the kids don't have to go to daycare. Is that the better option? I'm having such a hard time deciding!!! Any input from mom's that have gone to nursing school while their kids were still young is greatly appreciated! Would you do it again?? Should I just wait until they are all in school? Should I do evening/weekend program?