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Emily2016 has 5 years experience as a BSN.

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  1. Emily2016

    HEDIS nurse ?

    Hello!! Just wondering if anybody could give me some info on what a HEDIS nurse is, what exactly you do? What's hours like? Any info will be helpful! Thanks.
  2. Emily2016

    Same day surgery nurse

    What's it like to work in same day surgery as a RN? Any info will be helpful!
  3. Emily2016

    RN working in juvenile detention center?

    thanks for the reply! Did you ever feel scared or unsafe?
  4. Emily2016

    What does a short stay nurse do?

    Any info on what a day looks like working as a short stay nurse? What exactly do you do? What are your hours like?
  5. Does anyone here have any experience working in a juvenile detention center? There is an opening for an RN near where I live and I was considering applying for it... but I have no clue what it would be like so I'm kind of hesitant. Any info/advice?
  6. Emily2016

    I only held his hand

    so sweet!
  7. Emily2016

    To Nursing Students from a Clinical Instructor

    thank you
  8. Emily2016

    Practicing Assessments on Fellow Students?

    we did this at my school. nobody will ever see your private parts and you'll never see theirs. the more you practice and do your assessments, the more comfortable you will get. you won't even think twice about changing into the gown by the end of the semester. good luck!
  9. Emily2016

    What's in your bag?

    For clinical I carry a drug book, stethoscope, pens, pencils, penlight, gum, clipboard, any paper work we have to fill out while we're there, notepad, a water bottle, and a snack in my bag. I keep my car keys and some money in my pockets. (don't want them stolen!)
  10. Emily2016

    Cut my losses or see it through?

    Being in an accelerated program sounds extremely overwhelming. I can see how anybody would have a difficult time with it. If you are passionate about nursing and want to give it another chance, I would apply to a different nursing school. But I would not do an accelerated program this time around. Try something a little slower paced and I'm sure it will be much more enjoyable and a little less stressful. Don't give up!