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    George Mason Accelerated BSN 2009

    Hi, I applied for the accelerated 2nd degree BSN program at GMU. I got my Bachelors in 2009, but not from Mason. I've also been taking classes as a non-degree student for the past year at Mason (mostly taking the few pre-reqs I needed) Today I got an acceptance letter from George Mason's Admissions Office saying, "Congratulation on your acceptance to George Mason!..." and all that other stuff. They asked me to immediately send my deposit to confirm my enrollment, which i did within minutes! I was really excited about getting accepted to the Nursing program...but I thought it was strange that I hadn't received anything directly from the Nursing school. Now I went back to the Nursing school website and it said that I'd be hearing about the decision directly from CHSS (the Nursing school). Did I get in to the University but not the Nursing school??? I am crazy paranoid about this? There was no mention of that I hadn't been accepted to the nursing program either. Can someone explain their experience getting admitted and receiving their letter??? Please Help!