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  1. Advice Needed- Challenging Employees

    Thank you all for your responses!
  2. Advice Needed- Challenging Employees

    I was promoted to a manager role a year ago I lead a team of nurse practitioners. In addition to managing the nurse practitioners I also manage a group of registered nurses. For more background I'm a nurse practioner and in addition to supervi...
  3. Where can acute care pediatric nps practice

    Thanks Neuro Guy, I didn't recall reading that in the statement. It's been a while since I looked through it!
  4. Where can acute care pediatric nps practice

    Thanks ArmaniX. Sometimes I feel that the NP role has been broken down into too many specialties? I've been an NP for almost 8 years and it's crazy how I'm confused about this. Even the descriptions of the roles on the PNCB are very similar.
  5. Where can acute care pediatric nps practice

    Thank you for your input Dizzy!
  6. Where can acute care pediatric nps practice

    I'm an FNP who has primarily practiced in pediatric subspecialties both inpatient and outpatient. I currently work in a pediatric pulmonary clinic. I mainly see patients with asthma, allergies, and cystic fibrosis. Occasionally, I do have to admit ki...
  7. Hand off

    Sounds like the new nurse jitters. I can relate because it was hard for me to give report when I was a new nurse. After 2 months, you are still a fairly new nurse and still learning of course. It can seem intimidating when you're asked a question, bu...
  8. Asking For A Raise

    Hi flowingoan! It's a good idea to review asthma and cf. Also become familiar with spirometry and pulm meds. Will you be reviewing chest x-rays? If so, I'm sure your employer will have you shadow with someone who reviews them regularly.
  9. Asking For A Raise

    Jules, based on your advice, I decided to ask for 10K more instead of 6K.......and my manager agreed!!!! I gave a thorough rationale as to why I deserved the raise. Thank you for your advice.
  10. Asking For A Raise

    Thanks for your input Jules, I have NP friends, but we don't work in the same organization. We are open with our salaries. The NPs I do work with aren't very open in regards to salary unfortunately. I never considered being payed at a premium for wee...
  11. Asking For A Raise

    I've been at my current job for almost a year, and my yearly evaluation is coming up. I'm wanting to ask for a $6,000 dollar raise because I have had to take on a few duties that weren't discussed in my interview. I work in pediatric pulm, and have h...
  12. Feeling guilty..

    It's good that you're thinking ahead. Be sure that you are aware of your current jobs policy on giving notice. Most jobs want 2 weeks, but some want 3 weeks or more. You need to know this anyway, so you can be sure when you let the potential new empl...
  13. Why did you pick your NP Program?

    I chose my program because I would be awarded an MSN and DNP once completed. I also chose it because it was accredited. Thinking back on it, the program was costly, but I feel that it was well worth it. I just wanted to be done with school, and not w...
  14. How to get DOT certificate

    Where I work, the time allotted for the visit is 1 hr. It usually doesn't take me that long since most pts are healthy. With paperwork included, it takes me about 20-30 minutes to do a DOT physical. If the pt has issues going on, it an take longer to...
  15. Working for the VA

    I agree with Jules A. I know that the VA doesn't offer the highest salaries around, but I do know ones salary offer depends on years of experience, certifications, etc. I'm not sure which VA you applied to, or your specialty, but 100k sounds good for...