Advice Needed- Challenging Employees

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I was promoted to a manager role a year ago  I lead a team of nurse practitioners. In addition to managing the nurse practitioners I also manage a group of registered nurses. 

For more background I'm a nurse practioner and in addition to supervision I do some clinical tasks as well. Given the supervisor tasks that comes with my job, the clinical or patient care workload is smaller than the other nurse practioners. 

A problem that I have are a few team members who ask me to do tasks I delegate to them or ask me why don't I do it when I delegate tasks. This includes working holidays and weekends. This also includes taking on another person's tasks if they quit. I do help out as appropriate if someone calls out sick.

When I interviewed for the job I was informed that working holidays or weekends wasn't required. My other job responsibilities were also discussed prior to starting and I follow that. Has anyone every dealt with employees asking you to do tasks delegated to them? Any advice on how to deal with this?

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Bluntly put, it isn't the subordinates' place to question the work assignments or schedule of their supervisor. You owe them no explanation. You have the authority to make assignments, and you have done so.

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I might explain to them that since I am salaried, I would be working for free, while they get compensated generously for working on a weekend or holiday. And since I am on call, even when I'm not at work, and do not get paid extra for being on call, that more than makes up for the perceived inequity of not working on weekends or holidays. I might also suggest to them that if they wish to have a job where they are not required to work weekends or holidays, they should consider applying for a salaried position as well.



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Thank you all for your responses!