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  1. Yes, I live in a smallish area, and they are accepting 200 BSNs, and 300 ADNs yearly. Out of the 500, not sure how many graduate, but probably most if I had to guess. To the poster that suggested I tell my advisor to quit spreading the news of the mythic nursing shortage, I actually did tell her what I knew! And she started robotically quoting me stats I'd already seen from the BLS websites. Weird moment for me. That was the turning point when I realized that I don't think nursing is for me anymore. Even if the market turns around, I'm not sure I want to be involved. But I like to have a positive outlook so instead of dwelling...on to Plan B! And good luck to you all!
  2. Yeah, I've researched it! If that 's what I decide I can get my Bachelors in just over a year, and there's a good number of positions that are similar but a step up from what I was doing before. Any job is tough to get right now, but I think that my past years experience will help. From there I'll start working on my MBA. I'm realistic and I've got a positive attitude, and I know that in a down economy nothing is a sure thing. But honestly, the numbers of new nurses being produced yearly is what is dissuading me. Unfortunately, it's hard to argue with numbers!
  3. Wow, thanks for all of your thoughts. I see what you mean about the job listings. The whole scenario is just a bummer. I have to say I'm so grateful for this website. At least now, if I do decide to go ahead and pursue the nursing avenue, I'll know what I'm going into. Otherwise, I would have just blindly started the program assuming that nurses were still in high demand and I'd be guaranteed a job when I'm done!
  4. I know, I saw that discussion too! This is the link where I saw all the job postings. http://www.indeed.com/q-New-Grad-RN-jobs.html Honestly, this whole thing makes me really angry. I feel lucky because the classes I've taken over the last 2 years I've been in school are generic core requirements, so I have other options. It's just a letdown because I was looking forward to being a nurse. But I feel really bad for the people that have gone through the program, put their life on hold and amassed a huge amount of debt, all thinking that there was a light at the end of the tunnel. According to Nclex, in 2009 134,708 new applicants passed the boards. They're predicting >500,000 new jobs by 2020. But it doesn't say specifically that the jobs will go unfilled, just that their will be that many more new positions. With at least 134,000 people graduating per year, the numbers speak for themselves that there will be too many nurses! I know people leave the profession frequently, but I don't think reasonably that many people will leave so that there could be a shortage again.
  5. I'm at a bit of a crossroads. I worked as a medical secretary for 13 years, and a couple of years ago I decided to further my education so I'd make more money, and also because I enjoy the healthcare field and was a little bored in my current situation. I was trying to decided between a masters in healthcare administration or nursing, and I ultimately chose nursing because it seemed that job opportunities were endless. Fast forward two years, and I've gotten all my pre-reqs done, but I've read consistently on this board and other places that the bottom has fallen out of the nursing field, especically for new grads. I've all but decided to switch my major to healthcare admin. However, after looking on websites such as indeed.com or monster I see tons of job listings for new grads. Are these legit? And of course my advisor at my college is still telling me there's still a huge shortage. I'm just so torn on what to do, because all of the information out there is so conflicting. Both careers interst me, and I'd love to do either. But I really need to be able to land a good job when I'm done to pay off the loans I've taken out and begin a retirement plan ! I keep hearing that this problem is only temporary, but when you look at the numbers of graduates versus jobs it's slightly alarming. I can't help but wonder if this surplus is just a temporary thing or a sign of how things will be for quite some time....
  6. rene76

    About to start Nursing School and having doubts

    I have to say that I've found your post so refreshing! I've had similar concerns and I've been feeling silly about them because I've wanted to be a nurse forever, and I'm finally applying for a Bachelors program for Fall! But like you I'm having some doubts. I brought it up to my counselor at school and she said there was always going to be a market for nurses and changed the subject rather aburptly! True, there is a recession and it's tough in most job markets, but then other job markets aren't being flooded with as many new graduates. But like nohika said, who can predict the job market! I think I just need to do some serious soul searching!