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  1. PASSED NCLEX with 75 Q! What I did Differently

  2. Nclex - I passed on 2nd try!! *read*

  3. Passed Health Differences!!!

  4. Need Books for FCCA PLz !

    Hello, I want to enroll in the FCCA, trying to start the October class, but have no books. Who has books for the 2 FCCA courses for sale. I am looking online also. Please email me. Thanks
  5. CPNE Help Needed!

    Thank You
  6. CPNE Help Needed!

    Hello, A friend of mine is taking CPNE this friday and need help with I and O calculation of Dry/ wet diaper for peds patient. She is going to St. Marys. in book it says 1gram= 1ml. If you have any examples of how to do the calculation please help. ...
  7. Transitions

    Thanks for the advice momo3lv @ nursingforever35, where can i get the cd?
  8. Study Buddy-FL

    Looking for a study buddy in Orlando Fl. area I have 3 classes left LS 1, LS 2 and Transitions, hoping this will help push me back on track. I have a 1 month baby and am trying to get back on track ASAP.
  9. Transitions

    I am trying to study for Transition, however I am having a difficult time starting. Please help me get back on track. Thanks
  10. Passed transition today.

  11. Passed Repro Today!!!

  12. What are YOU working on this week for school???

    I am studying for Transition to RN role.
  13. Transition to professional RN role

    Hi beachnurse84, did you use the flashcards on SG101 for transitions?
  14. Transitions....complete

    Congrats on passing Transitions. What did you use for study for Transitions, I just started study. I recently failed LS1 and have decided to move on to another class and come back later to LS 1
  15. LS1

    Thank You