Failed LS 1, I am really not happy about it. I am really trying to move on but it is hard since this is the first test that I have failed. Thinking about doing Transition then coming back to LS1 then LS 2 and thoughts?


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I would make your study plan based on what yous cored and what you think you need to work on. If this is your first time not passing then I would say keep reviewing your ls1 what not and simultaneously work on whatever you have up next.

I personally didn't succeed with LS3 and now it's at the end of my studying or maybe even next depending on when I can work testing into my schedule. I have been constantly reviewing the areas I need to improve on and while focusing my study on LS2. I take LS2 this week and then Ls1 or Ls3 depending on what I feel when I take the first practice tests. Those two will come pretty quickly after one another when I do finally get started.

You can do it. The LS series seems to be different than the rest of the exams and are graded a bit harder. I scored in the high 60s in each category which I have heard others passed with a B with high 60s and yet mine was a D. It's okay to get a little discouraged and take a break if you need to.


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I failed Transitions the first time I took it and was MAJORLY bummed. I too took a brief break, but you have to remember to just get back to it and forge ahead. You can do it!! Focus on the areas where scores were lower. Good luck! I know the feeling and you are not alone in this!!


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Thank You, I feel better already. Although I must get back in the groove.


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Do you guys know which edition of the Saunders book people are using to help with study for excelsior test?


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The 5th edition. It's a great resource.


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I'm still using the 4th edition, will be getting the fifth edition sometime between now and the nclex. Saunders has really helped me in the final bits of review for my LS2 exam.


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I am also using Saunders, and it has been a great review! I thought LS1 was hard as well, and those EC practice exams are definately key study tools. Good luck on your next attempt.


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4th edition is working well for me!:)