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  1. shllby1

    Where is everyone from?

    Hi MLOS, My hubby and i live in gettysburg right now and i got a job at frederick and will be commuting but i am not too familar with that area and i am kinda nervous of not knowing anything of my surroundings!! From what i hear its a nice place but i guess i will find out soon..
  2. shllby1

    Where is everyone from?

    I am originally from maryland and hubby and i moved to pa because it is so much cheaper to live, i may be commuting to frederick memorial hospital but i know nothing about the hospital and i am kinda nervous to start there!!
  3. shllby1

    Where is everyone from?

    I was wondering where everyone was from, and if anyone is familar with frederick maryland? Thanks
  4. shllby1

    I need a nurses opinion

    thanks for all the replies, i used to live in baltimore and i know they pay really good there, now i do live near a few cities i could commute too and still have that "country living" and i know that the hospital in frederick,MD start there RN'S out at like 25 an hr, i think thats pretty good, but i do still think Nurses are definatly under paid..
  5. shllby1

    I need a nurses opinion

    Hi, i am working towards becoming an RN and i love the nursing profession and i cant imagine doing anyting else, i have been a cna for 10 yrs now, i have to be honsest though one of the main reasons why i want to be a nurse is because of the flexibility and the money, i live in pa now i am from maryland, and i have been reading the forums and i see alot of people say how under paid they are ect...I am wondering if i should rethink being an RN and maybe stay as a cna and do something else in the medical feild, i make 13.80 as a cna and 15 on the weekends, we have a thing here called surgical tech, which starts out at 16-28 and hour, has anyone heard of them and have any advice. Thanks, Michelle
  6. shllby1

    cant get an answer anywhere

    thanks alot for the replies..
  7. Hi i am sorry if this question has been answered already but i have posted before that i just got a job as a cna on the med surge/oncology floor and i am not sure what to expect in med surge i understand the oncology part but not the med surge?? They told me its alot of copd, and Gi problems, anyone work on that kind of floor?? thanks alot Michelle
  8. shllby1

    new to med surge

    Hi i have posted this in the general discussion too, i am a cna starting on med surge oncology unit and i have no experience at all in hospitals just LTC and i was wondering what to expect and does anyone know what the normal pay rate is, they are starting me at 14 during the week and 15 on weekend? thanks Michelle
  9. Hi i just got a job working as a cna on the med surge/oncology unit in my hospital but i have always done LTC and i was just wondering if anyone can tell me what to expect, i am working 7p-7a, and also they are starting me at 14$ an hr and 15 on weekends, i am wondering is this the normal pay?? thanks alot. Michelle
  10. shllby1

    what can i expect?

    Hi i am a cna who is going to school for nursing, and i just got a job at a local hospital and its med/surge oncology, i am used to ltc facilities thats all i have ever done can anyone give me an idea of what i may expect at a hospital on this floor?? Thanks alot, i will be on the 11-7 shift..
  11. shllby1


    Hi i have had a feeling of phlegm in my chest and throat now for about a month or so, our insurance hasnt kicked in yet, but i have been taking a cough med to break it up, my question is everytime i make myself cough to get it out, i feel something at the bottom of my throat like try to come up but then goes back down like i am not coughing hard enough, could this congestion be due to a nasal congestion with drip that i always have, i have never been checked for allergies but i am scared of this feeling of something trying to come up then goes back down....Sorry so long..Michelle
  12. shllby1

    am i over reacting?

    thanks alot, there was no raised area just read and it was maybe the size of a quarter, the cold i have its been going on along with a stuff nose occasionally but i think i have a sinus thing going on, and i have that chest congestion..thanks alot!!!!!
  13. shllby1

    Depressed about job experiences as CNA

    Dont let them get to you, we need people like you who make sure the residents are clean and turned, i too have had my fair share of problems with other cna's i have been one now for about 10 yrs, but i love nursing and there isnt anyone that is gonna keep me from it, i am starting school this semester towards my RN and i hope you get back out there because we need more people like you in this field!!!! Good Luck:nurse: Michelle
  14. shllby1

    am i over reacting?

    Hi i am sorry to post something that probably sounds so silly, but i had a 2 step ppd done about 2 months ago and it came back negative, but i did have a redness and they even said that it wasnt positive but maybe i have been exposed somewhere along the line and that was causing me to have a redness, but not raised....Well stupid question is, haha, I have had a chest congestion now for about 1 month that i cant seem to cough up and with my crazy thinking i am thinking of course that i have tb infection in my lungs!!! Am i being silly?? Thanks alot, Michelle
  15. shllby1

    can somebody please answer my question?

    thanks for your reply, one more question even though i never had reactions before is that common to start getting reactions now?:) thanks alot, Michelle
  16. shllby1

    can somebody please answer my question?

    thanks for the replies, and no it is not a hardened area just red, like someone put a quarter on my arm and lifted it and it is perfectly round and red but not raised or hard, then the redness fades away within a week. My doc didnt say anything cause i didnt go to him just the nurses.

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