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  1. ccatch3306

    assigning patients by acuilty

    the only thing i would add is family issues for day shift because that can be a problem and take up lots of time also!!
  2. ccatch3306

    What's up with all the Tele holds?

    I can tell you it's been this way on the Kansas city side also! I work on a tele unit and we have pretty much been full since October/November! We will discharge a pt and have a new one by the time we walk back upstairs were constantly waiting for clean beds! And multiple times a week we have to open an overflow unit or even pre/post to have more monitored beds! I hear since this is a constant problem the hospital I work at is planning on adding on since we just don't have enough beds also making it possible to have some beds that are able to be monitored (cause ortho is just not my thing and they would be much better on their own floor) I don't know whats going to happen but I hope it slows down soon! Constantly being short staffed and always full is starting to get to everyone!
  3. ccatch3306

    New grad thinking about FNP school

    I graduated in may 2010 with my BSN and have been working days on a very busy tele floor! I know the more experience i get the more comfortable i will be but being a new grad on days is very stressful at times! I am 22 and thinking about going back to school to get my FNP next fall (which means ill be out for a year)! I am lucky enough that i will have most of my schooling paid for through scholarships and other things if i decide to go back so money isnt an issue really. I know being an NP has its benefits and draw backs i was wondering how practicing NP's out there feel about the decision to go back and how the stress has changed from being a floor nurse to being an NP! Thanks
  4. I know this is not a negative thing but its a position i have found myself in and am unsure what to do about it! I really want to work in critical care. I interviewed for a GN job on a Med/Tele unit about 2 weeks ago and had not heard back from them and in the meantime i received a call from another hospital to set up a interview for a GN ICU position. I got a call today offering me a position on the Med/Tele unit, however i have an interview already schedule for wednesday for the ICU! I asked them when they needed an answer for the Med/Tele job and they said by the end of the day Tuesday. How should i approach this situation? Should i talk to the director of the Med/Tele unit and tell her about the other interview and ask if i can have a decision to her by Friday? Should i just call the place i have an interview at and tell them thank you for the offer i have already accepted another position? I cant just let one position go for the opportunity of another position so im not sure what to do! Any advice would be great!