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  1. Ambitious-Girl

    Medical words that make you cringe.

    Pressure ulcer/Bedsore For whatever reason, the thought that anyone can get one makes me really uncomfortable. Esp. After a long day of class/studying and all I want to do is sleep. But, The last thing I heard in class was bedsores ughh!!..Thank God, I've never even seen it before, yet!
  2. Ambitious-Girl

    Medical-Surgical Nursing Book

    Apgar10--Thanks, for the feedback. Heavy isnt the word !! ahhh..
  3. Ambitious-Girl

    Medical-Surgical Nursing Book

    Ok...I found out last night in class what the textbook was; here is the title of the book & it's suppose to be the newest Med-Surg book, it's by a diffrent author...Brunner and Suddarth's Textbook of Medical Surgical Nursing by:Suzanne C. Smeltzer, Brenda G. Bare..Now, most people are upset because we have a book list and Ms. Iggy was the book they wanted us to buy. Now, first day of class the teachers want us to have this one."Because, the school is in transition." The good thing is for those who bought iggy already can keep it. Bad thing is some test questions might be based out of this "new" book. Anyone have reviews about this book?
  4. Ambitious-Girl

    Medical-Surgical Nursing Book

    lmao:yeah: There goes late night studying w/ dim lights on! Now, when I go to class and see a students book I am going to think about your post.
  5. Ambitious-Girl

    Medical-Surgical Nursing Book

    ThatGuy-- really? ahh..Great!!! Thanks for the heads up. Southerstudent-- IKR, but she keeps saying there is some new 2011 Med-Surg *shrugs* I am just going to order the 2010 and, be done w/ it.Thanks, as well.
  6. Ambitious-Girl

    Medical-Surgical Nursing Book

    hello, i have been looking all over for the new medical-surgical nursing book by donna d. ignatavicius? i've only seen the 2010 edition. my professor say's that there is one. well, i have yet to see it by this author or any other author! just wondering... if anyone here knows about the new version. thanks (:
  7. Ambitious-Girl

    Alzheimer's Test

    Alzheimer's Test* How fast can you guess these words? 1. F_ _K 2. PU_S_ 3. S_X 4. P_N_S 5. BOO_S 6. _ _NDOM Scroll down for answers ........................................................................... ...Answers:* 1. FORK* 2. PULSE* 3. SIX* 4. PANTS* 5. BOOKS* 6. RANDOM* You got all 6 wrong....didn't you? So,did I!* Well, you don't have alzheimers, but you're mind is in the gutter lol*
  8. Ambitious-Girl

    Why Even go for your MA? Don't Understand...

    ^^Thank You! I'm a MA, that only attended school for 10 Months + 160 Of externship work..I personally don't think there's anything wrong with becoming a MA as stated above ."Diffrent Strokes For Diffrent Folks". Now, I'm currently a Nursing Student. I'm happy, I waited instead of jumping into this field to find out I don't like it. I've been in this program 4months today and I can't count the number of people who wasted a spot to find out they "couldn't handle it"etc....
  9. Ambitious-Girl

    Nursing School-- Your biggest challenge ?

    You're all right, it will pay off & Thanks, for the replies
  10. Ambitious-Girl

    getting into nursing school

    I am from MI, as well..I've relocated for nursing schooll but, my cousin currently went threw the same thing, she is starting at Baker too. Like, the poster said above it will pass =) Good Luck!!
  11. Ambitious-Girl

    Nursing School-- Your biggest challenge ?

    now, that i'm in nursing school, after hearing so many things about how hard it is. it's not really as bad as everyone says. i can deal with not having a social life (parties) but, i don't know if i can deprive myself of sleep any longer. the work load,staying up until 3a.m. studying isn't working! i'm always tired(i need my beauty sleep, lol ) any advice, wisdom, suggestions would be appreciated. what's been your biggest challenge in nursing school? thanks =)
  12. Ambitious-Girl

    Puerto Rico school feedback?

    Lmao @ how you explained IAUPR..That's sad, Wow..so, This whole thing about not having teachers has been going on for awhile *smh*
  13. Ambitious-Girl


    This sound's like it will be me soon. WII Fit = My new BFF!
  14. Ambitious-Girl

    Help, I've got a crush!

    lol, Just the right words.I agree w/ everyone else..Maybe in the next lifetime my love or maybe, in the FUTURE if it's meant to be you'll see him again...OUTSIDE of work!
  15. Ambitious-Girl

    Buy a Mac, And get a FREE ipod Touch

    college student ? :redbeathe mac ? i've did a search to see if anyone, has posted about this great deal. search = " 0". although, i'm sure it's floating on the boards somewhere. so, to those who knew this is a friendly reminder... to those who are unaware {me} i'm here to share. if you're a college student at any grade level and you buy a brand new mac w/apple from may 25th - september 7th 2010 at education pricing,you could get a free 8gb ipod touch. link below: http://store.apple.com/us/browse/campaigns/back_to_school