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  1. New York/Collaborative Practice Law

    Hi, I started working in a clinic and have a collaborative agreement with one physician. However, there are other physicians with their own panel of patients. May I work with these other doctors or do I work only with the physician I have the colla...
  2. Gave up DNP

    Im an NP for almost a year. I got accepted into a DNP program right after school and I decided to defer it for a year--and I realize I am still not ready to go back to school and I am not really sure Im still interested in getting a DNP. For those wh...
  3. Pick one that really aligns with your interest. Medicine is really hard so start looking into the job descriptions of positions you want to obtain and see if these are things you can be willing to do 50 to 60 hours a week..maybe more.
  4. New DNP mandate

    They should only mandate this if they provide students with enough preceptors and clinical sites..I feel bad for NP students nowadays scouring for preceptors. It's hard enough to find a good one. There's definitely a disconnect between nursing acad...
  5. DNP vs Health administration

    I realize I don't want to be an NP long term as I realize there is no ladder to climb in this field. I would like to lead one day. I definitely know for sure I desire a leadership position. However, I am not sure whether I should pursue a DNP (alread...
  6. Nurse leader

    Hi, I have been working as an NP and I would like to become a nurse leader one day, but not sure how to get there. I would really like to keep ascending. Being an NP is great but I see myself wanting to work on a system wide level one day. I have bee...
  7. Best specialty for the organized nurse?

    You may like OR..must be highly organized and detailed. make sure to prepare everything needed for he procedures
  8. Regret Becoming an NP

    Hi, i can relate to the post above. I have less than a year of experience thus far, but I feel like a 'glorified nurse' most of the time: entering orders and writing notes for the MD. I want to get involved in research but my attending prefers to wor...
  9. It Gets Better...Right?

    It does get better. I cried every 2 weeks during the first 4 months then most of the tasks become routine. You are dong so many things for the first time. I started to feel competent by 2nd year.
  10. Changing careers (sort of)?

    I had a coworker who was an NP working as an RN. Its ok. go for it.
  11. NP to Admin

    Hi, I'm a new NP (less than a year), but I am beginning to consider shifting into administration or field in patient safety/quality. Im a bit frustrated with restrictions on NP scope. Im interested in doing some research but I find that there's more ...
  12. changing

    I've been an NP for almost 6 months and realizing that I am becoming more interested in quality improvement/systematic thinking.Im thinking of venturing to QI position or administration to oversee improvement in health care quality.. However, I do no...
  13. Pension plan

    Hi, sorry for my very naive question but for the first time I got employed at a unionized position..There is pension plan, which Im already enrolled in. However, some workers are not unionized, and I am getting emails to enroll in 403b... I am confus...
  14. NY NP

    I just moved to NYC from a state where NPs are independent, no collaborative agreement needed..To new york NPs, are you able to have your own panel of patients?? I noticed back in my home state there's a pressure to do DNP...I don't feel that here in...
  15. DNP and work

    Hi I'm about to start my first np job as well as start an online dnp program. Am I stretching myself too thin? On one hand I feel pressured to get my dnp asap as some schools have already eliminated their masters np program, making dnp as the entry l...