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  1. LookForward

    acute care NP

    What do an acute care NPs do? How different is their role from an educator on a critical care floor, and how are the hours?
  2. LookForward


    i have an AAS in Nursing, and am currently in an rn to bsn program on campus. I would just like to know what a typical day is like as a CRNA and...what courses do you recommend taking while still in undergrad. I saw some colleges require stats, physics and organic/biochem. Did these undergrad courses help you in crna school? I might consider taking these courses before graduating. Thanks!
  3. LookForward

    To experienced nurses...

    After graduating with an AAS in Nursing, my aunt told me to consider medical school. She's been a nurse for more than 2 decades, working in several floors like ICU and medsurgical. She told me that at times, she wished she had more knowledge of disease processes. Right now I'm in an RN-BsN program in a state uni. I can't help but brood over what she shared with me. I'm turning 23--and deeply hope I'm undertaking the right career. So, my question is...do you share the same thoughts my aunt harbor? If you didnt ever wish to be a doctor, why? and if you think medicine should have been the path you took, why? There were other posts here about choosing between Nursing and MD. I was quite stunned that most experienced nurses encouraged the OP to forgo nursing, underscoring the disappointments they have with the field....
  4. LookForward

    Torn between Nursing and Medicine

    Im guessing you really want to be a doctor, but your financial state make this dream questionable....If that is the case, see if you can garner funds/scholarships. The military/navy/army provides substantial support for eligible ones.....Explore.
  5. LookForward

    RN-BSN outcome??

    more eligible to apply to magnet hospitals, but competition remains fierce. You can also apply to grad schools. Pay is only slightly higher.
  6. LookForward

    considering air force

    hi.. im expected to graduate in may 2012. recently, ive been considering joining the air force... -when should i start applying and how? -what can i expect at the COT? -what is the typical nurse-patient ratio on med surg floors in military hospitals? -What are some of the places/states can one be assigned to? -Would it be hard to switch to ICU eventually after some med surg experience? -Can someone also explain how many years youre expected to serve---and what are the additional years if they pay for your grad school....... Thank you.
  7. LookForward

    New graduate "again" after RN-BSN

    I'm pretty much on the same boat..I am now in a rn-bsn program full time. But all my classes are on campus. As matter of fact, I am currently dorming. I called a hospital regarding my situation. I was informed that yes, I'd still be eligible to apply to their new grad program after obtaining the bsn degree--provided that I have less than 6 month experience as an RN. About the job in a clinic, I knew someone who worked at a doctor's office for a year. The hospital that hired her placed her in a new graduate orientation.
  8. LookForward

    Thoughts from an RN, returning to the floor after 9 years...

    hey thank you for sharing...at 21 i worked as a staff nurse on a med-surg floor. but a couple of months into the job, i decided to head back to school for the bsn. im really an anxious type of person...hope to gain some more life experiences in the next 2 years before re-entering the workforce. hopefully by then, i'll be able to handle stress better and project more confidence...Thanks for sharing your story and insight.
  9. LookForward

    How do you prepare for class?

    Yes, I read ahead. In addition to the textbook chapter, I also leaf through the notes the professor printed out before lecture begins.
  10. LookForward

    Nursing Career Questions

    How did you get into nursing? I happened to do well in science courses in high school and yes....after speaking with friends and some adults, i was convinced nursing is a stable career and it was the most practical option for me. What do you like best about nursing? The opportunity to help people (cliche but true) and the clinical tasks and procedures. I also liked the theory and seeing it transpire in real people. What do you like least about nursing? Lack of control How do I get into nursing. Take the necessary prerequisites which generally are anatomy, psychology and maybe chemistry and statistics How much of a demand is there for nurses? Right now, not so much especially in the big cities. It depends on the state really. Is it easy to find a nursing job? Nowadays, not really. But like i said above, i think it depends on the state.
  11. try stony brook university and binghamton university...they dont require you to have an rn degree...
  12. LookForward

    How was your Externship ?

    I worked 12 hours 3x a week. It was one of the best experiences in my life, as Im aware it was such a rare opportunity. I was an extern in a critical care--cardiac floor. Learning and having the chance to work with the advanced equipments was one of the things I enjoyed. My preceptor was very informative, and I was in awe by the vast knowledge and critical thinking skills of the nurses there. The externship experience was a great treasure. Remembering the nurses there motivates me.
  13. LookForward

    will i still be a "new grad"?

    Thanks for the input....anyone knows of someone who went thru the same situation?....we have a clinical class but its more on community setting...perhaps i should take a refresher course during the summer...i cant work as an RN at all since the courses are on campus and the curriculum is quite rigourous..it's not friendly to a working RN's schedule..
  14. LookForward

    will i still be a "new grad"?

    Just wondering how recruiters would react to my future resume... graduated from an adn program in 2010, got my license at this time...worked at a hospital for 2 months. went straight to rn-bsn school full time for another two years (without working as an RN). Will I be considered a "new grad," and will i be eligible to apply to new grad residency programs (in 2 years)? Thanks.
  15. LookForward

    Anyone ever feel lonely? (a little depressing)

    i totally can relate with your post. I am introverted, which makes it harder to make friends. I became more reclusive when I went to nursing school. Books were my constant companions. But besides that, I went to 3 schools in high school. This period in my life virtually made me forget how to form attachments with someone. I can strike up a conversation, but progressing to the friendship phase unnerves me somewhat, and makes me feel vulnerable so I become deliberately indifferent as a result (sadly). Have to admit that I do have self-esteem issues that need to be resolved... They're probably sensed by some ppl...Anyway, know that you are not alone and the right friends will come. Be wise in knowing who these are, and never compromise them for something superficial or fleeting.... But ultimately, i think we need to love and enjoy our own company before anything else....