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  1. I'm a new graduate GNP and see patients at the SNF, ALF and at home. My salary is the same as a NP in the clinic. I work alone and do not have a medical assistance. I am responsible for entering vitals and updating patients medical records along with other administrative tasks. I enjoy my work but hate that I don't have the ancillary support. The other GNP worked for the company 28 years and have asked several times for a MA and was declined. When I brought it up doing our weekly meeting, one of the GNP's stated that she didn't want a MA but complained that she didn't have time to review and update the medication list. I was recently told that it was not in the budget. I'm tired when I get home and often times I don't complete my patients charts until day later. I have been working part time doing health risk assessment (HRA) and enjoy that more than my primary job. I make more money and my charting is complete and I don't have to do any administrative task. I'm seriously considering quitting my primary job and start doing HRA full-time. I'm really just frustrated!!
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    In-home NP Medicare Assessments

    Goldenfox, I'm interested in doing this independently. Can you inbox me?
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    In-home NP Medicare Assessments

    DesignerNP, Are you still doing health risk assessment? If so, how has it been?
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    UWG Nursing Program

    I was accepted into UWG nursing program, and wanted to know if anyone knows anything about it.
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    Need Help with Physical Assessments

    Hi live&love&heal, I understand completely how you feel. I just finished my postpartum clinical. A lot of the nurses count the infants heart rate for 15 mins and multiply is by 4. The fundus is located one or two fingers below the umbilicus, sometimes it will be to the right and if so I was told to have the patient to void. I keep a small notebook in my pocket so that I can remember what to do, but I usually try to work head to toe. I hope this helps
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    University of West GA Info

    Hi mags08 I am in the Carrollton program
  7. Hi BellaBlue22, I'm in the full time program, so it has been a rollercoaster ride. I belive that I received my acceptance letter in April and it has been non-stop since then. I had about 3 weeks to prepare for the med calc test. The teachers at the newnan campus are more laxed. Your grades and score are good so hopefully you will get in
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    Commute to nursing school?

    Hi JROregon, My school is 1.5 hour away from me, and it really not that bad. It gives me the opportunity to listen to my taped lectures and clear my mind before arriving to class and home. It was a pain last summer because I had to go everyday, but now I only go 2 days a week. Don't let the distant stop you from pursuing your dream.
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    University of West GA Info

    Hi bmd513, I believe that they send out the acceptance letters in Mar or April
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    University of West GA Info

    Hi Sing and Shoot, I'm currently in West Ga nursing program and when I applied they told me they don't have limit on the TEAS test, meaning that you can take it as many times as you like. Also, they only take the best of the 3 science grades which is good, because I had a C in micro and they didn't even look at that. I think my GPA was a 3.3 and I was able to get in.
  11. Hi Maggie108, I scored an 82 on the TEAS 4 and I believe my GPA was a 3.3. They are using version 5 now which I found to be more difficult. I wish you luck!
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    School Supplies: Tax Free Holiday

    Congratulations on your acceptance. I'm not a fan of shopping a Target though. I purchased a toolbox for my skills class to hold all of my supplies. I'm getting a rolling back pack for this semester because my books are really big. My first semester was easy. I had Clinical Skills and a Professional Concept class, so I really didn't need that much. If you don't have a PDA I would suggest that you get one so that you can downloade your books. I purchased a digital watch that has military time from Walmart. I also signed up with Upromise, stores give you a percent from your online purchases which helps out as well especially when buying book. Also, Barnes and noble is linked to amazon which is also good. Hope this helps.
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    help plzzz.

    It sounds like a closed ended question, because it requires a yes or no answer
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    Need Advice on Degree

    I'm not sure how true this is, however I do know that they are trying to make the BSN the entry level into nursing. With a BSN you get go into management, also the BSN focuses on research where as the ADN have more clinical hours.
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    Paperback Pocket Medical Dictionary

    You can go to Skyscape and download a medical dictionary onto your phone
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    An 81 is good. You can go to the ATI site and take the practice test, and you can buy the study guide as well
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    CFCC, LPN Applicant Struggling.

    You can get certified as CNA or a PCT until you can get into a program. I would also suggest that you apply to as many school that you can
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    Pocket Medical Dictionary

    I would suggest downlowning taber medical dictionary to your phone from skyscape. They have a lot of books that you can download that way everything is in the palm of your hand.
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    Thinking too far ahead?

    There is nothing wrong with thinking ahead. I think that you have to have a year exp as a RN before you can get your Masters, and I believe that you only go 1 day a week, so you can still work fulltime if you want.
  20. Hi TarynCMT Yes, the ADN and BSN are different. The ADN have more clinical skills and the BSN have more theory. A lot of hospitals are leaning toward BSN because they feel that they provide better patient care
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    Am i doing things right...?

    I can understand, I' m already $30,000 in debt from my first degree. Just an FYI, word is going around that they are getting rid of LPN and pushing them to get their BSN. They are trying to make BSN the entry level position. You can work at the hospital after your first semester. You are young, don't worry about the finances, a lot of hospitals have repayment plans, also go to the Sallie Mae site and sign up with UPromise and get your friends and family to link to your account. Once you become a nurse you can work OT to pay off your loan. Don't let your finances be the reason for you taking the shorter route. Also since you don't have a degree you might be able to get a grant.
  22. Actually I spent 3 semeseters taking my pre-reqs a total for a total of 6 classes, but I only needed 2 of them for the school that I got accepted into. I was a nursing major 12 years ago, so I had most of my pre req done. I only applied to school that did not have a time frame on math and science classes because they were 10 years old.
  23. ms_sgr

    Nursing school: is it worth it?

    You have to keep in mind the ecomony isn't looking promising for anyone right now. Hopefully buy the time you finish things will be back on track, but don't let that be the reason for you not pursuring your RN. My teacher has been telling us that they are steering away from the LPN and the ADN program and trying to make BSN the entry level for nursing. Good luck!
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    Applying for nursing school, advice needed

    Please, don't let that discourage you. I don't have half of the stuff you have and I was accepted into a nursing program
  25. I'm not sure about Legal Nurse requirment, but I took survey of Chemistry and it was a piece of cake, it all about understanding the information.