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  1. :angthts::smackingf:hdvwl::throcomp::flmngmd::spbox::argue:
  2. macpao87 wow! you have finish the program CON already? Thank you for wishing us luck me and sweet_toothrn. Hope you get a job soon. What can you recommend for me and sweet_tooth? I will always remember to smile and stand up to what I believe in. And right now I believe in LOVE. Being with sweet_tooth is simply serendipity... we're destined to be together. I will smile and be filled with LOVE! Sweet_toothrn... Pm me soon. I am your nurse with shinning stethoscope! Macpao87 any other advice? you seem very good, please tell me more...
  3. Off to con this september!!! Wooooooooot!!! Share accommodation sweet_toothrn? I also have a sweet TooooooT..... Hope to see you soon! Pm ME! =D
  4. lols JavRN. You're my idol !!!
  5. And i thinking I already did Very awesome in IELTS... huhu... Kudos to JavRN
  6. @JavRN Thank you JavRN... hehe... Im happy that you are doing well. Please update us again time to time... Cheers!!!
  7. Hey guys! Im here at Kennington just near La Trobe Uni. We will be starting our school next week. I am here with Silvermed, Snowflakes, Haoyin and more... We just meeeting up with Chabelli today. Very fun! I am freezing here almsot like I am in freezer. I will be posting our pics soon for you guys to see school. Hep hep hooray! I miss you chocokat, uh_huh and countmein! Hope you guys are very good and I will be waiting that you come here soon! Oh yes! i almost forget therooftop also! Charimay and Charrio for the win!!! Chamat chamat chamat! Byers!!! :rckn::rckn::rckn: @narscathy I love you!!! I miss u when will we sail in our titanic boat together? xoxoxoxo
  8. @Chocokat79 Countmein Uh_huh? Haoyin Silvermed What: Grand Hep Hep Hooray When: Tuesday, June 8, 2010 Where: Makati Glorietta/Greenbelt Time: 2pm onwards
  9. Lithotomy

    Know everything about bridging course in sydney

    @chocokat79 :dncgbby: :dncgcpd: :dncgbby: i feel so unsure as i take your hand and lead you to the dance floor as the music dies, something in your eyes calls to mind the silver screen and all its sad good-byes i'm never gonna dance again guilty feet have got no rhythm though it's easy to pretend i know you're not a fool should've known better than to cheat a friend and waste the chance that i've been given so i'm never gonna dance again the way i danced with you
  10. Thank you uh_huh? unadunad and lime12. I almost thinking I cannot pass ielts because of speaking because I am nervous. @narscathy I think you can take english courses if you did not get all 7 in IELTS, but I am not very sure if you can taking conversion same time while studying english course. Why don't you just try take ielts again? sometimes it is luck also if the one who will check your writing and speaking is nice in giving grade but it only is for writing and speaking because in listening and reading the answer is the same for everyone. NBV give me letter say I need explaning why I have no working experience. I think this is same thing with Newmac before. Now I do not know what to do but I'm happy that they responding to me speedy. No response yet from NMBSW. Goood luck to every body.
  11. I passed my IELTS. Hep hep hooray! Also submitted already requirements to NBV and SouthWales. Now I waiting.
  12. terdjay Okay I decide to took conversion course already because I digging up my lolo's baul and found many valuable antiques and even old coins and cash that I can sell and barter. I am sure I can raise enough money to funding my studies in OZ. I also find many interesting things in my lolo's baul like a book on sorcery, palm reading techniques and some anting anting and agimat. There is also some aged love potions and pamparegla, I finding some old receipts and I think my lolo use to work in Quiapo before. I will master making all this things so I can have part time job in OZ. I give you some if we become mates in OZ. I wishing my NBV approval come soon also so I can have many choices. Okay bye bye now I testing love potions with inday.
  13. lime12 Dont worry to much, you are lucky you get approval speedy. I am sure you will finding many Pilipinos to go VCHN also with you on October. You should be happy you get in already. Many still waiting and no experience to get in VCHN. Congrats!
  14. Hey guys! Been a couple of weeks since I last come here to allnurses. I just finished sitting IELTS exam and still waiting result and I have already finish my application to NBV and NMBSW. I pass all requirement already and now I hoping for speedy approval to come soon. @Terdjay G'day! Aussie Salute! Holy dooley! I'm gobsmacked from the good oils you have sharing with us especially in the SouthWales thread. Bloody oath! Like the many peoples, my problem is moolah on how to feeding myself in the land down under while schooling coz my relatives are such a catspiss considering the ratio and proportion of tuition fees to be exy. I know a few banana benders there but doubting they will let me staying to them. I guess I'll just be a wombat to surviving Aussie. So do you happen to be a sandgroper? I think I will just be a sheepshagger first before transferring to OZ as I hear the BP is way cheaper and relatively shorter. I'm really in a stonker right now. Its really difficult as I don't want to make a bluey. Anyway if I chooses the Curtin route can I also be your mate? Sure would love to have a mate when I go to Aussie, it will be very sad without one. Wouldn't you? Hooroo! Being gobbled up by mozzies.