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  1. lkk0718

    Children's Hospital Colorado RN Residency: August 2014

    Congrats to those getting offers! I started with the March Cohort and will be done with preceptorship orientation in the next couple of weeks. You'll be getting support from the new grad program (Donnya is the manager), your unit, and the hospital. It's a great way to start your nursing career. You never feel like you're on your own without any backup.
  2. lkk0718

    Children's Hospital Colorado RN Residency: August 2014

    Not too sure how they weed out people. My status never changed from "route" through the whole process. Our group only had about 250 applicants for 34 positions. They interviewed 70 applicants. The summer group usually has about 500 applicants for the same number of positions. It's definitely more competitive in the summer with all the May graduates. We had to have at least one direct manager and one clinical instructor for references. I can't remember how many references were required. I think it was at least 4 total. Letters of recommendations weren't required for the application process but I included copies in my nursing portfolio that I handed out during job interview.
  3. lkk0718

    Children's Hospital Colorado RN Residency: August 2014

    Culture | Children's Hospital Colorado. They do behavioral type interview questions to make sure you're a good fit in their culture. There weren't many questions about clinical skills which surprised me. I would just focus on getting references and letters of recommendations in order while waiting for call for interview. You'll do great.
  4. lkk0718

    Children's Hospital Colorado RN Residency: August 2014

    Just wanted to say good luck to you all. I just started at Children's in March start group and love it there. They are very passionate about children and families. They have a very strong new grad program in addition to training on each unit.
  5. lkk0718

    New Grad RN seeking a position in Denver, CO

    The big hospital groups are HealthOne, Centura, and Exempla. The independents are Denver Health, University of Colorado, Craig, and Children's. Most will hire new grads with BSNs (not ADNs) and like to hire from within. Try to volunteer with a hospital and work your way in that way. Just keep checking job postings and look for experience preferred postings. There aren't many new grad jobs in Denver and the competition is pretty fierce with so many schools graduating nurses. Good luck.
  6. lkk0718

    Jobs for New grads

    I have my BSN and got a job in Children's Hospital new grad residency program. Using your connections from clinical sites and volunteering at a hospital can be great ways to get into a hospital. Unfortunately a lot of hospitals will not hire ADNs because there are too many new grad nurses and can be picky. I know that working as a CNA and volunteering for two+ years really helped me get my job. Good luck.
  7. lkk0718

    How long for ATT, test date, license.

  8. lkk0718

    Jobs for New grads

    I graduated in December and was able to get a job this month. A lot of hospitals are hiring new grads but may not necessarily advertise the job as a new grad position. The qualifications may say experience preferred. Also, it's easier to find jobs for BSNs than ADNs. Sign up for email alerts on job websites for new grad positions. Good luck.
  9. I can also invite by email if you want to give me your email address.
  10. Copy and paste the link and see if that works.
  11. Here's the name of our facebook group. It's a "closed group" so only members will be able to read posts - Children's Hospital Colorado March 2014 Cohort. https://www.facebook.com/groups/198849023647453/
  12. I couldn't search by email address but there's a lot of "you" on Facebook.
  13. I'll start one. 3 of my classmates got job offers too. Send me pm with info.
  14. Krstr1128 - Congratulations!!! I'll see you in orientation and on the unit!!!
  15. Has anyone else heard back yet? One of of my classmates got a job in Oncology but others are still waiting.
  16. Good luck next week. If worse comes to worst work on a different unit and transfer to NICU agter a year.