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Q_rnc has 40 years experience as a RN and specializes in Maternal-Infant.

Seasoned (with habanero pepper) nurse in Maternal-Child.

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  1. This is a reminder of the humanity of all. As nurses, we are all human, not machines. We make mistakes. It could happen to any of us. It illustrates a valuable point as we move to a more "tech-savvy" healthcare system with bar codes and EMRs - we have added layers of complexity to an already complicated process (healthcare, healing, caring for others). Any nurse can tell you how things have changed and the increasing errors made. So many checks and balances and attempts to make healthcare safe and 100% error proof, and yet.... This is a salient reminder that no matter how hard we try, in the end, we are human, fallible. The essential differences between humans and technology is two-fold, IMHO: 1) The ability to learn intuitively from our mistakes. 2) To forgive. As well, we have one inborn error that machines do not suffer from and that is our ability to become distracted by the most inane things. When we stop paying attention, we follow the group/herd down, often destructive, paths. Stay awake and pay attention to this moment. Mistakes, like feces, happens. 🦉
  2. Q_rnc

    Age Discrimination in Nursing

    Thank you for posting your plans. I'm 57, have been a nurse for 37 years, worked all over the country, and have two graduate degrees. And I'm feeling restless and considering a PhD program vs. DNP - I love being a bedside nurse, but I also would love another intellectual challenge. Unfortunately, I am surrounded by family and friends that think school is only about "getting a job away from the bedside so you can take it easy as you get older." Aaaaaggghhhh! Yes, I am older but I'm not dead! And for me, getting older is about having more experiences, not less. And no, I don't want to jump out of an airplane, but I have flown a few. So why not get a doctorate, at any age? Best of luck in your educational endeavors!

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