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  1. RelloydRN

    Proffesional/ Graduate eduacation?

    It's "masters" and not "masteral".
  2. RelloydRN

    compuer charting

    CERNER here!
  3. RelloydRN

    Endorsement Application to Vermont

    14USD per hour is low. Considering that you will also pay for tax.
  4. RelloydRN

    Would you travel overseas for a medical procedure?!

    I'd really love to go there. Hopefully soon! :)
  5. RelloydRN

    Would you travel overseas for a medical procedure?!

    Its actually my dream to go to Turkey one day but hopefully as a real tourist. Also I've met a lot of Indian physicians that are excellent. I think the best would be not to get sick, like a lot of prevention and exercise. lol But oftentimes I'm just too tired I forget to exercise and do eat a lot of junk.
  6. RelloydRN

    Would you travel overseas for a medical procedure?!

    I once saw on TV that there's a lot of foreigners going to the Philippines for kidney transplants. Apparently they save like a couple of thousand dollars when they get it done there compared to the US.
  7. RelloydRN

    Being Tired at work - How do you cope?

    lol I remember one episode of the Simpsons where Homer falls asleep while driving. I actually would go and get myself busy like check all my charts, refill unit stocks, change oxygen tanks, etc.
  8. RelloydRN

    Would you travel overseas for a medical procedure?!

    I'd go with the ones with Joint Commission Accreditation plus, the hospital that speaks my language! How horrible it is to be in a place where you have to guess what the hospital staff is talking about!
  9. RelloydRN

    RN degree overseas

    Its way cheaper in the Philippines. But your credentials would have to go through verifications often. For example, you have to have CGFNS check your transcripts and Philippine licensure before you can take the NCLEX.
  10. RelloydRN

    New Grads, enough complaints about preceptors.

    One thing I learned from my mentor is that there are no bad or good teachers. Why? Because if you disagree with either of them, you just have to be the opposite of what they are. If you think one teacher is bad, then do the right things that that person should be doing. If you think that person is good, then by all means emulate that person! One thing that separates adult and children learners is that the adult learner learns selectively and actively learns by acquiring more experience and knowledge.
  11. RelloydRN

    Remembering My Life as a Nursing Student

    Be proud you are a TAMaNurse! Not a lot of students get past FEU and I admire your dedication to continue your studies.
  12. RelloydRN

    Is putting 'BSN' on badge snobbish?

    lol i've always written Name, RN, BSN and never knew the correct way should be Name, BSN, RN Thank you for this info! Û
  13. RelloydRN

    Is putting 'BSN' on badge snobbish?

    I agree with this. If they can do it, why then nurses wont?
  14. RelloydRN

    RN on your facebook name?

    I think you meant, "We are RNs" and not "just RNs" right?
  15. RelloydRN

    Is putting 'BSN' on badge snobbish?

    Thank you. I do learn a lot from this website, really. :)
  16. RelloydRN

    Is putting 'BSN' on badge snobbish?

    What's GED? Sorry if I'm a bit naive here. Anyway, I think if you keep adding credentials to your badge, you'd also accumulate a lot of ID badges as the old ones need to be replaced with the newly minted credential.