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  1. Pain control - hypotensive and drug seeking

  2. Increased blood pressure. What to do?

    There were no observable signs of distress, no BP meds missed and the trend was BP and pulse only elevated within the last few hours. Just not understanding what could be going on at this point.
  3. Increased blood pressure. What to do?

    Hi, Im having a difficult time with this - if a patient has a increase in blood pressure and pulse, especially the same day after surgery i.e. peg insertion, and denies pain or discomfort. Temp is fine, o2 is fine on oxygen..what to do? Notify the d...
  4. Pain control - hypotensive and drug seeking

    Hi pain mngmt nurses, I am wondering about this topic and hoping to get some insight. I usually see patients who have polypharmacy use and drug users and wondering how to effectively manage pain for someone.. In an example: a patient complains of 12...
  5. Are There Jobs for Inexperienced RNs Besides Floor Nursing?

    Thank you for writing this post. I feel the same way as a new grad. After speaking to experienced nurses on the units, most of them say that they have also felt the same way when they first started out (although many can't relate to my immediate subj...
  6. Nurses with poor immune system?!

    Hey. How did you find that out freesia? Maybe I should get checked as well..
  7. Nurses with poor immune system?!

    Hi, I'm wondering how many of you here have difficulty with keeping up your immune when working in the hospital? I find myself constantly getting sick when I'm working. I do follow proper infection control practices, however, some things are inevitab...
  8. Heparin Flush vs. Saline Flush (PICC and CVC)

    Yes, for answer to question 2. If I'm having trouble with my first question then knowing flushes could be tricky..
  9. Hi guys, This might be a silly question and a bit of a two part question as well: 1) Can someone please describe to me the different sorts of central venous catheters and PICCs? 2) When is it appropriate to flush with just NS vs. flushing with hepari...
  10. Should you bring a paper with questions to interview?

    Thanks! This is my first nursing interview and I'm very nervous! So glad there's this community to reach out to.
  11. Should you bring a paper with questions to interview?

    Thank you both for your replies! I currently have about 10 questions that I want to ask during the interview..does that seem like a lot? Vera, what do you mean about asking the HR? I talk to the HR briefly regarding scheduling appointments, etc. So ...
  12. Hi, I am wondering if it is okay to write down a list of questions and ask them at the end of the interview while seeming professional? I feel like this way, I can assure all my questions are being answered and I don't have to fumble with thinking/re...
  13. Does my cover letter look ok?

    Hi, Your cv looks good, but I would suggest personalizing to the position you're applying for. It seems too 'clean cut' to me. What position are you applying for?

    Thank you Lupe!
  15. Public Health RN

    Hi OP, I recently had a conversation with some PHNs and they told me that sometimes it's easier to gain a temp immunization position within public health and then it may be easier to transfer to a PHN position. This applies to school nurses or child ...