Hi everyone!

I told myself that once I pass the NCLEX-RN that I would post my experience on this website for someone who is going through what I went through - and to tell you - there is hope!

I graduated with my BScN in Dec. 2015 and gave myself a month off before I started studying. I studied straight for 2 months and wrote my exam in February.

My studying resources consisted of Saunders (read the whole book, except for some of the fundamentals and mental health portion), Kaplan, *PDA by Lacharity, and *NCLEX Mastery app. (Starred is highly recommended!)

My averages in the practice exams were not that good, especially in PDA, which made me think I was not ready for the exam.

Kaplan practice exam: 75%; short chapter exams were around 60%

PDA: ranged from 50-70%, rarely in the 80%; mainly in the high 50 to low 60s%.

NCLEX Mastery app: 78%

I read other people's experiences online and a lot of people were getting around the same marks as me. I decided not to panic and just realize what I already do know and use critical thinking to answer the questions. I used the 10 critical thinking pathways that is outlined in Kaplan's book so check that out!

The day before the exam, I did not relax! I panicked and reviewed as much things as I could, followed by a late night bath to help me relax and watched a movie. I recommend you just take a day off of studying and maybe go over a few things to make your mind at ease - and get a good night's rest.

The day of the exam, I woke up really early, reviewed some more, had a good breakfast and kept telling myself that there will be a RN title after my name after today! I finished in 4 hours and 100 (I think) questions, and 19 SATA! I was definitely nervous because there was some really hard questions, as well as some really easy questions so I didn't know what to expect! 48 hours later, I tried the PVT and got the "good" pop up and it wouldn't let me pay for another exam. I didn't want to rely on that alone to determine if I passed, but I kept on trying the PVT every day and kept getting the good pop up! I didn't know if the PVT worked in Canada but it does! :) I've read articles saying that the PVT may not work some times - but this only applies when you get the "bad" pop up where some people may pass and still get the "bad" pop up. It always (from what I've read) works for people who has gotten the "good" pop up. I got my emailed passing result from the BON a week and 2 days later. :)

Relax! You got this! I hope my experience helps calm some nerves. A lot of us went through the same thing and it's such a good and rewarding feeling to know all of the hard work payed off! :)